Its not raining men.
It's not raining men. digidreamgrafix/

Yes, we badly wanted rain, but not record-breaking rain. This business of going from one extreme to another is so tiresome. Capitalocene weather is like an athlete on super-steroids. It only knows how to get ripped and smash previous records. Will we ever see weather being just weather again? See rain that falls and goes away on a mild late-summer day?

The long night of COVID keeps getting darker in Idaho. NPR reports: "Idaho's public health leaders are expanding health care rationing across the state." Is Idaho, "one of the least vaccinated states," even remotely aware that this very bad situation is only going to get worse? The record tells us that COVID thrives when nothing is done to check it.

But look what's happening up in Canada. Alberta, a Trumpy province, is begging its non-Trumpy neighbor, British Columbia, to take some of the load of its COVID-heavy hospitals. BC to Alberta: Hell no.

CTV News reports:

On Thursday, CTV News Vancouver asked the ministry of health whether B.C. would be able to help its neighbouring province, but the answer was “no.”

“Given the current demands on B.C.’s health-care system, we will not be able to assist with taking patients at this time,” said B.C. Minister of Health Adrian Dix in an email statement.

“If we can take patients on in the future, we will.”

Like the governor of Idaho, the premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, ignored "the warnings of experts" and removed "nearly all public health measures".

The opening paragraph of this KOMO story ("Parked double-decker RV stirs anger, frustration in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood") is really something else:

Seattle is currently experiencing a building boom with new high-rises going up throughout the city but a parked RV in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood that has added a makeshift second story has shocked people like Alex Hardy who live or work in the area.

"Over the weekend they put up walls," said Hardy, referencing the vehicle on 8th Avenue NW... "It’s insane."

General Mark Milley apparently did make calls to China during the final and utterly dangerously nutty days of Trump's presidency. CNN reports that on "Friday [he] defended the calls he placed to his Chinese counterpart during Donald Trump's final months in office" and that this sort of thing was "perfectly within the duties and responsibilities" of his job as the chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Eli Sanders, if you are out there, you know I predicted this would happen three years ago. The generals would stop Trump.

The right's commitment to anything but the best solution to the ongoing pandemic is gaining even more steam. It's now Regeneron this...

And Regeneron that:

But a vaccine costs the US government just $20 per dose. As for a dose of this "monoclonal antibody cocktail" business, the price is a cow-jaw-stunning $2,100. According to Newsweek, that's "about 52 times more than the cost of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine."

And now it's Laura Loomer's turn:

Didn't another conservative radio person die of COVID recently? I think so.

Not too long ago, Justice Amy Coney Barrett expressed concern about how the packed Supreme Court has become political. "My goal today," she said in Louisville, "is to convince you that this court is not composed of a bunch of partisan hacks.” Guess who is also now talking just like this? You guessed it: Justice Clarence Thomas: "I think the court was thought to be the least dangerous branch, and we may have become the most dangerous." The nerve of these people.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is all about starting a civil war to save the purity of the whiteness in America. He is really feeling it in his bones. This thing is going to happen. It will be us against them. Patrick speaking plainly on Fox: "Let me tell you something, Laura [Ingraham], and everyone watching. The revolution has begun. A silent revolution by the Democrat Party and Joe Biden to take over this country."

The New York Times is asking New Yorkers to kill an apparently beautiful bug. All you have to do is roll up one of their papers and whack it out of existence.

Yellowstone wolves, can you please stop doing this. Stop biting the butts of grizzly bears. To put it in the words of John Lee Hooker: "That ain't right, that ain't right."

For those who love birds and cats, rainbow collars apparently work as well as the bells. And if my understanding of the cat mode of being in the world is worth something at all, my guess is they would much rather have a rainbow than a bell.

Let's end AM with a classic tune about the rain by the one-hit wonder Oran "Juice" Jones: