So after years of performative gestures of collaboration with NGOs and humanitarian groups and his repeated refusal to engage in even one of the numerous direct actions he could have undertaken himself that would actually mitigate the carnage within the region, Congressman Co-Sponsor gets a love letter for "effectively" signing his name to someone else's work. Work that doesn't have a chance of passing, especially when you consider that Adam Smith won't be lifting a personal finger to see that they are. These amendments won't cross Adam's mind until he hits the campaign trail. "Well, I cosponsored a bill..." Shame on you for carrying water for Adam on this Rich. For penance, you should have to research every single time Adam has cosponsored a bill for cover with his constituents and map those instances to the resulting body count. I guarantee that it would "effectively" shift your willingness to submit to being so egregiously used like this.


Not to worry, Canada will continue to supply the Saudis with what they need to attack Yemen.

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