Uh uh--dont even freaking THINK about cutting the line to get onto one of these bad boys.
Uh uh—don't even freaking THINK about cutting the line to get onto one of these bad boys. Washington State Ferries

The United States' special envoy to Haiti has resigned: In a letter announcing his resignation, Daniel Foote called the Biden administration's decision to deport Haitian refugees an "inhumane, counterproductive decision," reports the New York Times. Though the current administration extended "temporary protected status for 150,000 Haitians already living in the United States," thousands have since crossed into Texas seeking refuge and were, allegedly, met with whips. Foote said the U.S.'s Haitian policy approach "remains deeply flawed" and that Haitian migrants coming to the U.S. "will only grow as we add to Haiti's unacceptable misery."

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And Texas' response to the migrants? Gov. Greg Abbott approved a measure that will involve parking vehicles from the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety for miles along their portion of U.S. border to create a "steel barrier," reports CNN. They are just letting any old yahoo be governor nowadays, eh?

Pedestrian dies in Federal Way hit-and-run: Yesterday evening, police said they found man in his 70s suffering from "multiple injuries" after receiving reports of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian, reports the Seattle Times. Though officers and medics attempted to aid him, the man died at the scene. In a tweet, Federal Way Police said they have "[n]o suspect information at this time."

The unemployment report is in: Last week, 351,000 people filed for first-time unemployment, up 16,000 from the week previous, reports CNBC. Continuing claims rose to 181,000 for a total of 2.84 million people filing for jobless benefits. The news website observes that this rise in claims proves "there is still work to do before [the job market] is healed." That's for damn sure!

The wall around the East Precinct hath been takenth downth: The Seattle Police Department has now fully given up its (terrible) medieval cosplay and removed the butt-ugly, post-CHOP era security fencing from the station on 12th and Pine. Capitol Hill Seattle Blawg says the cops are now installing safety glass to fortify the building that was at the center of the Black Lives Matter protests last summer.

Line-cutters will have to pay: In an attempt to wrangle the dreaded ferry line cutters, the state has determined drivers who try to cheat their way onto the water vessel will have to fork over $139, reports KOMO. However, tattletales will no longer get the thrill of reporting who-cut-who to the state HERO line. Washington State Patrol is now stepping in and the violation must be witnessed by one of their own in order for the driver to receive a ticket. Cheaters, you've been put on notice.

King County workers have a little bit longer to get their COVID vaccine: The deadline for them to be fully vaccinated has been extended from October 18 to December 2 thanks to a deal between the county and the workers' unions, reports the Seattle Times. Already, 80% of county workers are fully vaxxed. The agreement—which covers around 10,000 employees—gives more time to those who've been dragging their feet for some reason.

Meanwhile: An average of over 2,000 Americans are dying from COVID daily, the first time we've seen that number in six months, reports CNBC. And while infections have leveled off, deaths are rising, "increasing by 13% from one week ago and 43% from the start of the month." If you're reading this and for some reason have not gotten your jab, please for the love of all that is holy, get vaccinated!

This is a smart idea: The European Union proposed a rule that would force all manufacturers to develop a "universal charging solution for phones and small electronic devices," reports BBC. No more of this USB-C vs Lightning vs Micro-USB bullshit. Like the emotionally stunted Americans they are, Apple harped that the proposed move "stifles innovation rather than encouraging it." The dozens of different cords I’ve lost and had to buy again over the years says otherwise!

Weather break: Rain is on its way.

Amazon's Just Walk Out tech and Amazon One coming to Climate Pledge Arena: Four of the arena's food and bev stores will now use Amazon's cashier-less technology, allowing customers to grab the items they want and not have to wait in line to pay, reports the Seattle P.I. What? Did you think Amazon would stop at simply naming our city's big arena? How could they pass up an opportunity to make it their own petri dish?!

Some relatively good news: The sequoias in Sequoia National Park's Giant Forest have so far been spared from a nearby wildfire, reports AP News. Though the KNP Complex fire is burning near the Four Guardsman, a "cluster of huge trees," firefighters wrapped the trees in "fire-resistant material" and cleared the area of flammable vegetation.

Love Slog AM/PM?

The Stranger turns 30-years-old today, which means that Dan's Savage Love column also reached the big 3-0. Slate dove deep into the column's history on the occasion of the launch of his new book, Savage Love From A-Z, which you can read here. In any case, our little alt-weekly has been chugging along for three whole decades. This month, I celebrated three years of working for this rag. I, for one, am happy we're still here. How long have you been reading?

Wow, what was in the water this week thirty years ago? Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind, an album that Charles R. Cross for the Seattle Times said "represents a moment in time when everything about Seattle culture changed." Oh, to celebrate what was birthed in the grungy days of yore!

For your listening pleasure: I was going to do Altered Images' "Happy Birthday," but duty binds me to share "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Happy birthday Nirvana and The Stranger! Two weirdos with staying power!