The John Lewis Memorial Bridge Is a Godsend



I walked the bridge on Saturday. The big swoop is nice, but it needs a stairway to street level.


I want to try taking it to work at the City Light North Service Center.


You hit me right in my weak spot with that moving pixel art. Beautiful work, beautiful subject.


I recently crossed the gorgeous Zubizuri pedestrian bridge in Bilbao, wish Seattle could make their designs a bit more interesting too! Was amazing to see how little traffic there was in the downtown core (and the highways) thanks to good public transit (buses, trams, subways). The old town had a beautiful solution to car free streets too, allowing vehicles during the morning for deliveries, trash pickup, etc., and pedestrian + bike only after 11a.m.


@4, so you're basically saying it's not enough that we have Bilbao envy when it comes to Frank Gehry buildings, we should also have Bilbao envy when it comes to pedestrian bridges. Maybe Gehry should design a pedestrian bridge here that he can utterly eclipse over there.


I've been riding the new Siemens trains pretty regularly for the last few months and they seem to go about the same speed as the old ones, but the ride is a lot smoother. Maybe that impacts the perception of speed? Also, Sound Transit said they would be returning the arrival estimates after the opening of the new stations, so hopefully they'll be back up very soon. They had to take down the estimates during the testing phase for the new stations, something about the way the system tracks train locations resulted in the test runs confounding the predictions.


Actually, the new train slows down between U Dist and Husky Stadium, so that it doesn't interfere with certain UW equipment, to something like 25 mph. So it might feel slower.

Wait until they finish the station in Lynnwood, you'll see it feels the same other than the dip under the UW.


@4 their MoPOP museum looks pretty similar to our Guggenheim ; ) I’m not sure we need more Gehry works, but if we are building pedestrian bridges already it couldn’t hurt to make them pretty! [disclaimer: I have not seen the John Lewis Memorial bridge in person yet, maybe it is better in person]


Hey Charles. Have you hit on Hannah Krier yet? It's only a matter of time })>