Washington State Attorney Generals Office doesnt want any of this new booty.
Washington State Attorney General's Office doesn't want any of this new booty. Charles Mudede

As of now, it seems that a little less than one-third of the Seattle Police Department has decided to serve and infect you with a virus that has killed more than 700,000 Americans. The latest numbers via Seattle Times: "In all, 292 Seattle sworn officers — or 27% of all cops available to respond to calls in the city — still need to verify they’ve been fully vaccinated, or seek an exemption, before the Oct. 18 deadline for city employees to do so." And what about the department's civilian staff? "98%." A lot of important social and cultural information can be extracted from that huge difference.

As for Washington State, 70% of its population that's older than 12 is finally fucking fully vaccinated. 77.1% of this population has received at least one dose. Winter is coming. It's going to get rough.

And, yes, Letitia Wright, the British movie star who plays Shuri, Wakanda's top scientist in Black Panther, totally (and very sadly) counts herself among the nutters called anti-vaxxers. No way around it. That's her in real life. But her character, as we saw in the groundbreaking movie, is clearly enlightened.

Can't get any worse than that: A regular white woman ruled by a Jew and a bunch of POCs. What has this world come to? The flyer above aims to influence the race between incumbent Republican King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert and Sarah Perry, a Democrat. The image of the Perry puppet with strings pulled by a black man was sent out to voters in the Eastside 'burbs and sticks by Citizens to Re-Elect Kathy Lambert, Patch reports. The flyer was brought to Seattle's attention by Erica Barnett.

By the way, this is what that awful communist, white-woman-dominating negro did last weekend with his free time:

That new boot-looking building is so tall you can even see it from one of the best things to happen in North Seattle in so many years, the John Lewis Memorial Bridge. It is the 58-story Rainier Square tower. Amazon hoped the Washington State Attorney General's Office would abandon that raggedy, late-modernist Bank of America Fifth Avenue Plaza, which it has called home for far too long, and move into a building that has certainly added more bling to the gem of a skyline. But in the end, the AG decided to stay in the Bank of America tower, which was completed in 1979, and which is owned by the ever-growing real estate empire called the Blackstone Group. The details of this story can be found in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

For an update on the carpenters strike, we turn now to Stranger City Hall reporter Hannah:

A vote on a new tentative agreement between striking contractors and AGC will begin on Thursday, Oct 7: In a press release from the union, over 11,600 members will have until Oct 11 at 6 pm to weigh in on the new proposal. According to the Seattle Times, "the new deal is a modest change from the previous tentative agreement members rejected," with a similar pay raise, a larger parking zone in Seattle, and a 50-cent increase in parking pay. Union leadership expects "record voter turnout."

The Peter J. McGuire group (comrades of Kshama Sawant) is not happy with the agreement, according to chair Art Francisco, who sent me a thumbs down emoji and in a separate message said, "It's trash." Francisco said many in the cohort did not return to work when the union told them to, as the tentative agreement is nearly identical to the previous one. They also officially separated from the person they selected to represent their faction in the one seat the union offered them at the bargaining table. PJM will rally Friday to see what's next.

In a statement, Francisco said, "After 3 and a half weeks of being on strike, and having our strike sabotaged by our own leadership, the bargaining committee has shamefully capitulated to the contractors in agreeing to a cheap 5th TA that should not be to the satisfaction to any carpenter who has sacrificed on the picket lines. The Peter J. McGuire Group recommends a No Vote on TA5 and demands that the strike and pickets immediately resume."

And here we thought Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was unchained like that black slave in a Tarantino fantasy. Talking about how he had the power to fuck up things real bad for Biden. And even Mitt Romney got all up in it to win it, with a big ole filibuster pulled from his holster and clocked. But just before high noon, the GOP began to sing a different tune. The masters of the universe were not having any of it. You can play all the chicken you want on your dime and time.

Fox Business:

Senate Democrats indicated Wednesday that they planned to accept Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s offer for a short-term suspension of the debt ceiling, with some claiming the Kentucky Republican had "caved" following a tense standoff on Capitol Hill.

Sorry, Seattle Weather Blog, but you are not scaring me with this talk about the soon-to-be-here cool temperatures. Give me cold nights, give me snow, give me ice—I can take it all. But high temperatures? Street-buckling heat? A blasting sun? Hell no.

The year is not yet done, but I already have a regret for 2021. It is this. Last Friday, October 1, I somehow failed to post something about Green Day's popular tune "Wake Me Up When September Ends" in the AM! I am still self-stunned by the scale of this failure.

Autumn leaves blown by carbon-liberating machines are back and in full force in our parks and sidewalks. They refuse to go away. Year after year, though hated by so many, still somehow here.

Body Unltd?
It's a "queer electro-noir duo of non-binary artist/electronic musician known as Vox Mod and dyke dame vocalist/guitarist Irene Barber." Mod, a Pacific Northwest-raised producer, is currently based in Los Angeles; Barber, a singer whose absolutely heart-breaking voice transformed Erik Blood's last album, Lost in Slow Motion, into a wonderland Pacific Northwest melancholia, is based in Seattle. "Pathway" is a track from the duo's new EP Genevieve: