Intolerance amongst small groups in fringe culture is a long tradition.

It's like sub vs dub. Obviously only one is correct, but the apostate believers in the other group persist in their incorrect belief system.


@1: friends don’t let friends say stupid, trite nonsense just to get the #1post goal they’ve coveted as a way to feel better about their otherwise miserable, lonely lives.


Matt missed the real question here. Is this a form of cultural appropriation?


This has got to be one of the stupidest things I've read in a while. Furries don't own or "gatekeep" drawings of dogs?! Nowhere on Lindsay's posts about her NFT (or that Canine group's socials/websites) do they mention or associate themselves with the "furry community" to beginn with either? What a nonsense nonissue.


I smell a Pulitzer for this one Matt! Or at least an NFT of one.


@7 yes, but aren't furries who dress up as local mythological spirit creatures, or even Japanese or Chinese ones, appropriating the mythological symbols of another culture?

This is why I play it safe and wear an appropriate cultural skin ...


A dust up in a dog dish. Nothing to see here.


In fairness, some fans do sell and trade "adopts" of furry characters offered by artists - it's a way for the latter to make money on art they want to do already without the hassle of a commission.

This being furry, a few entrepreneurial souls even offer "virginity auctions" to sell off the right of prima nocta with their new acquisitions. One of my more amusing duties as an art site admin was gently informing a frantic support ticket reporter that one such buyer wasn't prostituting their actual sister, just a character for use in art.


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