Arts Oct 12, 2021 at 1:00 pm

RIP Lurid Digs, again.



"wiped out a project he’s been working on for nearly twenty years."

Not really, just one venue for it no longer available.

Secure from general quarters.


Yup, he definitely a guy!


We like it when Twitter dumps the Dotard, but don't like it when they drop Lurid Digs? Twitter is a private company. If either Trump or Lurid Digs violates their terms of service, Twitter is free to dump either of them.

I actually find Lurid Digs kind of funny, so I don't mean to trash them at all. But they've still got their website, and that is really all they can control. If any other social media platform doesn't accept them... ¯(ツ)


Maybe taschen could put out a lurid digs book?


Remember when Dan Satterberg declared war on online sex workers and defended taking money from a Texas multimillionaire to undermine section 230 of the Communications Decency Act and told those who warned him about the implications to free speech and adult sexual autonomy of that what he was doing was dangerous and had broader implications. He responded in typical talking point fashion that his criminalization of online free speech and sexual expression only represented a small, discreet carve out our first amendment protections?

Ya, we all knew he was completely full of shit too. Here's the proof for those with their head in the sand.


twitter is as useless as tits on a hen, and removing this thought-provoking art project is further evidence of this assertion.

twitter only advocates for their own laundered take on reality.

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