Take everything Eyman owns. House, car, kidneys, kids. Then throw his ass out on the street so he has to suck dicks to pay for his car tabs.


car=cash. I guess he wouldnt have to suck dicks for car tab money if they took it.


Tim Eyman is The People's Hero. $30 Car Tabs Forever!


I can't wait to see Tim on the stroll on Aurora.....


@5 And yet she didn’t even want to live in Seattle.


@7 Which has what to do with the extreme disrespect they showed her?


@1: Why are you disparaging dick sucking? Also, to make money as a sex worker, he'd have to be cute enough for someone to pay him to suck his dick.

Also the article says that Eyman's and his wife are divorcing, and she wants the house.


@8 Respect is earned. And Best didn’t have enough respect for Seattle to actually live here (just most of the shitty cops on the SPD force). New York would eat her alive.


“just like”


@9 Maybe Tim Eyman should hook up with Jenna Ryan. It's a Hallmark Channel movie in the making! "They were white, privileged and Republican...and then they spent 60 days in jail and learned how to fall in love again."


Doug @5, @10 -- Where do you think most NYPD officers & brass live? (They're not allowed to work in their precinct of residence, btw.)

And 4 of 5 SPD live out of town.


@3 Yes, we've known for a long time that you were a complete moron.


@13 Yep, 80% of SPD are rural redneck tourists to Seattle. So it’s no surprise that they consider the populace their enemy.



I'm sure there's some manner of justification for it, but that NYPD stipulation seems odd. I went to a school w/ a guy in Baltimore who became a cop and he got a subsidy or some other sort of financial incentive for buying a house in the city. Was called (as I recall, was 20+ years ago) "Cop on the Block" and was meant to instill a sense of mutual shared community and safety for both the cop and their neighbors. I thought it was a pretty good idea.


It was clear that Lorena lost in a landslide on day one with no hope of making up the difference. It is embarrassing and delusional that she took this long to concede. I am sure inside the activist leftist bubble it seemed like she might pull it off. Lol.


@13 Care to find a citation of the NYPD restriction you mention. I can’t find any reference to it.



I was surprised, but I guess it's legit. They think it potentially reduces corruption and conflicts of interest.

"NYPD officers are prohibited from working in the precinct they reside in, though 4 percent of officers received an exemption from that rule, according to the 2016 data."


When former Realtor Jenna Ryan was asked the judge why she’s being punished just for trespassing he said “Location. Location. Location.”


@20 FTW.


@19 Since there are ~80 precincts in the NYPD, nominally not being allowed to live in the one that you work in isn't that big a deal.


All this hate for Tim Eyman is completely misplaced. He is an unsympathetic POS to be sure but he is just the messenger. No one is forcing people to actually vote for his initiatives and of course there wouldn't be a need for him if the legislature wasn't acting in such bad faith. The things he has success with are always tied to the legislature ignoring the voters. Back when car tabs were insane it was clear the state was overvaluing vehicles. Instead of fixing that and providing relief they let Timmy come in and blow it up. Sound Transit is also overvaluing vehicles and stealing money. They got off on a technicality but that enabled that initiative and now his lasted one will be around the capitol gains/income tax. Anyone paying attention will notice the advisory vote on that (37) is currently losing even bigger than Lorena (62%-38%). If it's even losing here in King County. If the legislature would stop being obtuse than Timmy would have nothing to do and if you think having Ferguson take his house and run him out of town will end this you are delusional. Another Eyman will step in to fill that void.

@15 Doug, SPD doesn't live in Seattle for many of the same reasons other workers don't live in the city. They can't afford it. Why don't you scroll through the other city depts and find out how many of them live in the city? Over the last couple of years several that did live in the city have moved out over concerns about their family safety. Their kids are called names at school and told their dads are bad people, black bloc assholes try to dox them. I even know a few who had their partner change their name on social media over fear of harassment. Ask yourself if you would want to live in that environment.


@10: Why so cruel to her? Still ruminating over a little tear gas during the summer 2020 riots?


@14 Yes, it's totally moronic to want to keep your own money.


@23: "All this hate for Tim Eyman is completely misplaced.... Sound Transit is also overvaluing vehicles and stealing money."

To think that paying taxes to fund the voter-approved government projects that improve our region is a form of theft--I can't think of a truer expression of misplaced values.

It's no coincidence that Tim Eyman is a POS and that he reflects your worldview. But hey, good luck finding the next MLK Jr. to be the champion of your righteous cause.

P.S. I'm sure someone like you has vast amounts of free time, so feel free to let me have it. I've got a job, I need to get back to it, and so I won't be responding.


@26 lol. I have no issues with taxes and voted for ST3. That doesn’t change the fact ST lied to people and the legislature about the valuation schedule and is overcharging. I guess that’s ok as long as they are politically aligned with your causes. You get the gov you deserve and people like you are why ours is so shitty.


@23 Carmen Best made $300,000-plus. Most cops make well over $100,000. They can afford to live in Seattle, they just don’t want to because we’re the enemy.


@28: Since you hate cops so much, shouldn't that please you?


@29 Chicken and egg, dummy.


@28 please point me to the neighborhood where you can buy a house in Seattle with an income of $100K. I don't think there are very many around. That doesn't change the fact they have real concerns over the safety of their family and the mindless rage directed their way by the activist community. It's not that they don't want to live in Seattle because you are the enemy its that they don't want to live here because they are the enemy.


@23 "overvaluing"?

What's that supposed to mean? You talk like car tab prices are determined by natural law, like the gravitational coefficient or something. wtf. The lengths people will go to dress their preferences up as principles. I blame poor training in the Humanities.


@31: Median pay for a Seattle cop in 2019 was $153,000 (and nearly 400 Seattle PD employees made over $200k that year). They can afford a house in Seattle. The rest of your argument is bullshit too.


@32 You should try reading other news sources than The Stranger. This is good entertainment and all but doesn't nearly provide a full picture of things that don't fit their world view. Sound Transit has been using a depreciation schedule for cars that overvalues them and readily admits it:

There was a lawsuit filed over this and they got off on a technicality but never disputed the fact that they are doing this

When something is worth $20 and the government tells you they are going to tax you on it at $30 just because that is pretty much stealing money. It's bullshit and that is why people get upset and vote for Eyman initiatives. People in King County have shown time and time again they'll support transit and tax measure when they make sense and are managed well. When the legislature and other agencies are shady it opens the door for hucksters like Eyman to insert themselves. That is exactly why if Ferguson succeeds in running Eyman out of the state there will be someone else who will pop up to take his place.


@33 as you are well aware no doubt the median is simply a midpoint and is no way reflective of what % of officers earn that money. It also no doubt skewed by the several at the high end of the spectrum in the command staff. I would assume your beef is with patrol officers since they are they are the ones interacting with the community. Starting pay for an SPD officer is around $90k which is pretty good but wouldn't go very far in Seattle. That may be beefed up by OT but that is not a reliable income source and can't be counted on for future years. Especially now that the SCC has mandated all OT be cut. Even for those officers that can afford Seattle you haven't addressed the other issue of why they would want to live in a community that puts their families safety at risk.


@35 As you are no doubt aware, the median being "the midpoint" means that exactly 50% of officers make more than the median and 50% earn less. That's you know, the whole definition of the median and why it's used instead of the mean.

With the officer's salary of $150K alone, a $500K home is affordable. Redfin currently lists 293 homes for sale in Seattle at or below that price point. 70 of those have two bedrooms or more.

That only took 2 minutes of research. Imagine how much your mind could be expanded if you cared to actually know what you're talking about.


So some cops want to live in Seattle and can't afford it, and some cops don't want to live in Seattle but can afford it.

Ambiguity wins!


@35 God you're dumb (for the reasons @36 points out).

And if we're going by rank, I find SPD sergeants to be the most objectionable. There's a reason three of the six Capitol insurrectionists were sergeants.


@38 Nice. Name calling now. You both have such blind hatred you just see what you want to see which unironically is why none of the police want to live here even if they can. Glad you found a magic supply of 500k houses. You should get in on those and flip them. Not that it will change your thinking toward police but it really shouldn’t matter where they live unless you want to apply that to all city employees. Have a good weekend.


@39 It was more of an observation. And thanks!


@39, Burien, West Seattle, you can (and SPD cops can) find condos and townhouses for a little under 400K.

@5, What did the "gang of four" do to screw over Best?


@40 smugness is not a good quality


@14 Greenwood Bob: Swifty (@3 and @25) and Elmer (@9 and @24) usually hang out at the same tree fort. Unfortunately the stepladder's missing a few rungs and doesn't reach the top branch.

@23, @27, @31, @34, @35, @39, and @42: If you hurry, you might still be able to join Swifty and Elmer for weenies and tater tots and their usual binge watch of FOX TeeVee before bedtime.


@4 Catalina Vel-DuRay for the WIN! Agreed and seconded.
Especially if Tim Eyesore gets a call to don his Darth Vader costume. That'd be a hoot.


@41: The City Council became Defunderpants Gnomes without noting what our very own divine Mrs. Vel-DuRay had succinctly told them: Seattle has contractual obligations to the police unions, and the Council can't simply abrogate those obligations. Still trying to look like they would defund SPD without actually having the ability to do so, they took out their impotent rage on then-Chief Best, talking loudly about cutting her compensation until she quit.

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