The only necromancer I know, and a failed one at that, is Charles Mudede, who keeps trying to resurrect a long-dead philosophy.


What does a necromancer say when making bread?


[Now back to your regularly scheduled political discussion]


This is so stupid. It's 12 dimensional chess rather than the easy and smart call: just pick one of the many qualified elections professionals that are Democrats and give them a head start on their campaign. Now you give the GOP a chance to take back the office by appointing someone with no relevant experience who looks like a total hack that they can run someone with actual elections experience against and look competent by comparison. This is what happens when you play games instead of actually valuing good government. What a disaster.



Given the Stranger's lousy recommendations from the last election Hobbs should do pretty well.


So Rich spends six graphs talking about how this impacts Hobbs previous role as chair of the Senate Transportation Committee but not a single sentence about what this means for his new role in ensuring election integrity?

If the Stranger had any editors they would throw this back at Rich with the questions, "Is Hobbs qualified to be Secretary of State?" and "What experience does Hobbs have in providing election integrity?"

Oh wait, that's right Rich Smith is the "Associate Editor" of The Stranger. Which pretty much explains everything.


Politically astute move by the Governor, removing an obstacle in the legislature. I worry less about the optics cited by #4.


I used to live in the 44th and Steve is a friend of mine. The Republican senator he beat years ago, Dave Schmit, continually pandered to the homophobes and helped to block the LGBTQ equality legislation that Hobbs actively supported, bringing marriage equality and anti- discrimination to Washington ahead of the rest of America. Thank you Steve Hobbs!


@8 -- you've identified another problem with this appointment. The seat Hobbs is vacating is not a Democratic slam dunk without him in it. With him there, it's his for life, and you get a reliable democratic vote on the vast vast majority of stuff coming through Olympia. With him not there, it may well flip, and you're screwed.

Just an absolutely terrible decision by Inslee.


I was glad Inslee dropped out of the Presidential race last year because he knows next to nothing about transportation planning, and what he thinks he knows is handed down from the villainous Washington state department of highway robbery. Ask yourself this question: Which of the 3 basic EV drivetrains - BEV all-battery, PHEV plug-in hybrid, HFCEV hydrogen fuel cell - offers the most benefits, tangential applications, potential to reduce fuel/energy consumption, emissions AND insane traffic? The correct answer is, wait for it, PHEV plug-in hybrid. Seattle clueless idiots have no fucking idea how anyone could arrive at this conclusion. BTW, the Tesla 'S' sedan is the most over-rated EV on the road. Jeff Bezos intention to purchase all-battery BEV Amazon freight trucks is a crime against humanity. Good luck trying to figure that out, dumb ass Seattlers.

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