Slog PM: It's Basically a Little Hurricane Out There, Hot and Cold Dick's, and Biden Signs the Damn Bill



Ah yes, the "Im mad democrats havent fixed all of the things Republicans broke and then prevented from being fixed, so I'm going to vote Republicans back into power" gambit. Same as it ever was.


@2 Yep, people are stupid and yet the democrats continue to appear stupider. Weird.


Attention all blindsided Dem "owning", "it can't happen to me" coal-rolling science deniers in Concrete, Hamilton, Mount Vernon, Sedro-Woolley, Sumas, and all other Western Washington State communities currently under floodwater, experiencing power outages and no use of local streets or highways: NOW do you believe that climate change is REAL? Jesus wept, this is as bad as the Oso mudslide of March 22, 2014. If carbon emissions aren't slowed down soon the weather is only going to get worse year round. I live in Washington, not Alabumfuck. Remember voters, science-denying RepubliKKKans did this to us and should be held entirely accountable.

@2 Brent Gumbo: Anyone dumb enough to still vote RepubliKKKan after the disastrous Err of Trump / Pence should be denied the right to ever vote again.


@3: Isn't it time for weenies and tater tots and your usual binge watch of FOX-TEEVEE before bedtime?


@2 People in Birmingham (and Loudoun County) are mad about cultural shit. The infrastructure bill and reconciliation package are what is important long term, but the Republicans are rapidly becoming the "parent's party." And that is what will win the votes of suburban women in swing states. Those ladies are the true and only swing voters these days.


The Spady family is a lukewarm Dick's Deluxe—kind of shitty.


Does Hannah pose fir every pic with her head all tilted to the side?


That poor truck driver is ok - amazing pics:

@8: Are all your glamour pics head on then?

@7: I assume that means they're nothing Special.


That's the first actual footage I've seen of the Rittenhouse case and feel like the prosecutor actually made a pretty solid case for conviction (inasmuch judgment as one can form from a 30 second video clip, of course.)

That said, I remain confident he'll walk and go on to a life very much in the George Zimmerman mold of right wing darling. He can probably now (or very soon) begin to build and live himself a live of relative luxury based off of nothing more than endorsements and appearances at NRA and other RWNJ friendly engagements.

He's nothing more than a trash human raised by fellow trash humans to thrive in a trash culture. Mercy on us all, I suppose.


So does anyone know who this William Steven Humphrey is who gets a credit on all of Chase's posts?


Wm Steven Humphrey is the best damned TeeVee critic/enthusiast the Stranger ever had. Too bad all the TVs were put up to the wall and shot when the tech revolution came.


Pigs are flying - the Stranger hopes a homeless criminal is prosecuted for their crimes.


I wonder if District Attorney Thomas Binger is one of the vaunted "Progressive Prosecutors" Like Pete Holmes, Dan Satterberg, Larry Krasner, Wesley Bell, and Tiffany Caban. All of who talk a great game about bringing change to the criminal justice system but seem to have no idea how to actually prosecute criminals.

To me, Satterberg, Holmes, Krasner and Binger are not prosecuting attorneys. They are defense attorneys, who are pretending to be prosecutors.

Binger seems like one of those DAs who have spent more time trying to figure out how to not convict felons, so when faced with a case like this, where he has to convict the felon, he is completely out of his element. He actually needs to prove guilt, not make an excuse for it.

I for one do not want a prosecutor who is compassionate or who tries to work with the defense to excuse the accused.

I want a prosecutor who is rabid! I want a prosecutor who will use every legal tactic to gain a conviction.


I also want a defense attorney who is Rabid. I want a vigorous defense that attempts to poke holes in every theory the prosecution has to offer.

I voted for Ann Davison For City Attorney because I didn't think Nicole Thomas-Kennedy met the job description.

But if we had elections for Public Defense Attorney. If we put as much resources into criminal defense as we do prosecution (and I think we should) I would vote for Nicole Thomas-Kennedy as Seattle Defense Attorney, or King County Defending Attorney in a minute.



He's primarily w/ the Portland Mercury (Stranger's "sister" paper based down here) and has been a longtime contributor to both publications. Think he's the Mercury's Associate Editor or something, not sure of the exact title and too lazy to look it up. He may have Seattle roots, not sure, though he is funny as hell, FWIW. Not sure if you all got his now defunct I đź–¤Television column he used to write back in print versions of the paper up there, but it was pretty great, even as I never had much idea what the shows he was writing about were about or whatever.



Took me a while to edit my post, good to know I wasn't alone in thinking that about his column, and also that you all got a chance to read it.


Guesty @8... Wow! Do you only post stupid shit here? Just asking for a friend who might have their head tilted.


@11, I don't think the prosecutor did all that bad of a job, but then I don't think it matters. There were multiple videos of each shooting and witnesses, there weren't many blanks to be filled in. In the end, it'll be those videos, the testimony, and the self defense laws of Wisconsin that determine the outcome, not some dumb ass comment the judge made about lunch or if the victims can be called victims, even though you'd never know this by the news coverage.


Good one Biden! Shuffling? He’s an old guy, & he’s doing a good job compared to some.
Waiting half a minute to eat a burger & chips is too long. Someone educate that woman.


Yes Grizelda @4, dealing with climate change is our common work, & we haven’t got much time


@6: All the better reason for me to continue to vote Democrat. The GOP is the Party of Trump. Anyone still voting RepubliKKKan should be subjected to a frontal lobotomy and have their voting rights permanently revoked. Such idiots are the equivalent of irresponsibly drunk drivers out recklessly joyriding.

@20 LavaGirl; Agreed and seconded on Joe Biden.Thank heavens we have a REAL U.S. President again! I believe the so-called "drop in the polls" is pure overhyped Trumpist media bullshit.

YIKES that poor truck driver! I'm glad he's all right. Thank heavens he didn't plunge into the drink! Wow--with high winds this severe I'm grateful to have my beloved VW safely tucked away in winter storage. We wouldn't have a chance on the roads if loaded semis are tipping over.


@21 LavaGirl: Right on, sister! We're all in this together.


Being restricted from voting again because you voted for a particular party is not only unconstitutional but undemocratic as well.


I've actually been enjoying this weather, although I'm sure I'd feel differently if I'd lost power or experienced flooding. Barring that, it's been nice to have some warmer temperatures.


"The defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder case made its closing arguments today, and tried to depict the killer as just "a 17-year-old kid out there trying to help this community.""

Again, Rittenhouse, who is intimately connected with the Kenosha community, was there at the request of the owners of the car lots to help them defend the lots from rioting arsonists, and to assist in medical care if necessary. How is that OTHER THAN trying to help his community?

".....the very politically suspicious judge in the case....." And more of this manure about the judge's bias. Can someone point out the judge's bias to me? The lunch comment was innocuous. The prohibition against calling the dead is correct. NO ONE has testified that the dead were anything other than arsonist rioters attacking Rittenhouse.

This is more of the media on the left (I assume no one is going to accuse The Stranger of being right wing) acting more & more in the mode of Donald Trump in terms of trying to advance their point by rumor, innuendo, & intimidation rather than truth & evidence. This is very bad, people. When you lie down with dogs, you only get up with fleas. We're better than this.

@4, "Alabumfuck".....Now THAT'S funny. Good one Aunti.

@1, When I first moved here about a decade ago, Dicks came to my attention. And being the consummate connoisseur of all things greasy, I immediately checked them out. Naturally, I drove there, got out of my car, & lurked for 10-15 minutes before buying. To my disappointment, looking at the preparations within, they are not the inexpensive treats they're made out to be. They are a bit on the expensive side based on what you I passed. To this day, though I realize it's my duty to try 'em, I've not yet tasted Dick......uh......I mean Dick's.

@15, I think it's a mixed bag of crap: The prosecutor knows he has a lousy case. But he's not only GOT to do his job, he wants to keep his job and cover his fanny if Sharpton tries to extort another $27 Mil from Kenosha. He's got to make it look like he believes his lousy case.......not that Sharpton cares two dead flies for 3 dead white people. Like an old man said to me 54 years ago, "It ain't right, but it's the way it is."


That picture of you, Chase, cracks me up every time I see it.


@26: While you may find my posted term, "Alabumfuck" amusing, Bugs, I actually find it really backwards and sad, however accurate the description. Too many idiots in the blood red pro-Orange Turd Southern Fried United States are hellbent on waging a second Civil War. They will proudly go down fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs, despite being lied to and losing everything in the process.


Awesome restaurants in Mobile.


@26; umm! Very cosy pictures around of the judge with this kid. Close in, looking at evidence. Any Judge has to present as totally impartial. And this guy doesn’t. Enough he needs to be thrown off the case.