Kraken NFT
Kraken NFT Courtesy of Cthulhu himself

Well this is a fine kettle of fish, or cephalopods, or whatever. Seattle’s plucky new hockey team was supposed to launch a bunch of NFTs today at 9 am. And yet … we’re still waiting.

What happened? Well, according to their NFT partner Orange Comet, “Due to the overwhelming demand for Kraken NFTs we are slowly opening up access to the queue system for fans wanting to purchase. Keep refreshing the page and you will see the queue link shortly.” Ah yes. Any IT professional will tell you that when a system is experiencing “overwhelming demand,” the best thing you can do is encourage your users to relentlessly bombard the system with requests.

Anyway, we felt bad that they’re having trouble putting some drawings on an internet web-site, so we made an NFT of our own to help out. It’s easy to grab it — just right-click it and select “save.” Hope that helps!

And hey, if the mood strikes you, go ahead and make your own. Or print ours out, color it, decorate it, and tweet it out. (Tag me or email me if you do) We’ll pick our favorites and put them on the etherium blockchain, by which I mean, look at them with a warm smile and say, “aw, nice job.”

Update: Now available as a t-shirt! And iphone case, sticker, face mask, coffee mug, etc. All proceeds from sales in December and January will be donated to a Washington state environmental nonprofit.

Another update! According to Orange Comet's website, they've pushed the release back to Wednesday with no announcement or explanation. But you can get the cute shirt right now! Better luck next time bros!