Here's a thought: Trump can have his little January 6th press conference in the House of Representatives. Under oath. I bet they'd love to discuss it with him.


Cheers to the workers aiming to unionize in their billionaire boss's backyard. Let's hope it spreads as relentlessly as Starbucks did.


That lego wreath is a hoot with its interesting plant leaves Chase.


Adults ‘play’ with Lego and make amazing things, Chase. I like your wreath.
I’ve still got my third son’s collection, then I’ve kept all their good toys. Most of the dinosaurs didn’t make it.
This Sex & the City rebooted reboot, it’s all a bit sus, timing wise. I haven’t reAd what the allegations are, and he’s lost his job & he denies anything happened. Meanwhile Big dies in the rebooted reboot, after being on some exercise bike of fame, Carrie doesn’t even call 911!
Then back to real life, Big & the bike company put out a cheeky add, it gets pulled & women come forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. Then Carrie et al rush out defending the women.
If they have other proof, can they share because I’d like to hear both sides before making a call on this scenario.


This is the first I'm hearing that the internet has been recently talking about Beavis and Butt-Head. I think it's on apple tv now but fuck apple so you can also catch episodes of it on MTV's channel on Pluto TV sometimes. There were multiple video games too but they've never been ported anywhere as far as I can tell...


ugh, I can still hear Trump delivering this line with his Jerry Lewis inflection: "...and now we're going to go to the CAPitol... and I'll be with you..."

vom, indeed.


I do like to imagine Trump's insistence he won in 2020 will result in litigation that successfully keeps him off ballots on the 22nd Amendment grounds.


Isn't it just 'Lego', singular? Although I've regressed to playing with Lego too. God, I even have the Cinderella castle. Harharhar


Oh my god, I have the Wonder Woman 1984 Lego set too. Sigh.


Very festive LEGO wreath, Chase. Nice job!

@4 LavaGirl: Kim Cattrall's absences from what would have been a third Sex and the City film sequel and its TV spinoff, And...Just Like That were due to her retirement. Dammit--Samantha Jones is to be sorely missed! She added spice to SATC.

@6 Max Solomon: Agreed and seconded. Anything associated with the Orange Turd


@6 Max Solomon: re @10: Ugh isi right. Please excuse the double post. What I meant to say is anything associated with The Orange Turd makes me want to vom, too.


@1 dvs99 for the WIN, BAYBEE!! I just have this one codicil to add: Orange Turd has its one last little press conference with the U.S. House of Representatives on January 6, 2022 before getting carted off with all its minions, including those he appointed lifetime seats to stack SCOTUS to get properly cornholed in federal prison.

Well, Ding dong, Doug Ericksen is dead. Who amongst the RepubliKKKan Death Cult is next to be taken down by COVID? The obituary notice of the Orange Turd can't come fast enough. For me it would be a fondest and dearest Christmas wish come true.

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