Seattle dont know a damn thing about snow or cold. You can ask me. I can tell you. This city still has no weather.
"Seattle don't know a damn thing about snow or cold. You can ask me. I can tell you. This city still has no weather." Charles Mudede

So now it looks like a white Christmas is not happening for Seattle. But there is talk of a white weekend. Good luck with that! But you can bet on the cold snap. That's going to happen. Get ready to feel it real soon.

Even now. After all of these years. I still can't get over the fact that a bunch of British rockers actually thought that Christmas was the same as a full belly. An empty one meant that a person, and particularly a black African person, might not even know it's that time again. How horrible. How terrible. An African with no idea of snow or Santa because a chicken can only roast in their imagination.

Who needs Santa to come down the chimney real bad? None other than Tim Eyman. And he doesn't want bags of presents. Fuck that shit. He needs bags of hard cash, and lots of them. The Seattle Times reports that the "serial initiative filer and conservative provocateur who owes the state of Washington more than $5 million after years of 'particularly egregious' campaign finance violations, is in default and is now staring at the court-ordered sale of his assets." It's either keeping his assets or making monthly payments to the tune of $10,000. Will he know it's Christmas time at all?

There was a time when a story like this would have shaken the Seattle region to its core: "Seattle company buys Boeing's Longacres property in Renton." But when the Puget Sound Business Journal dropped it a week or so ago, there was nothing but a yawn. Boeing doing what now? Selling one of its key properties where? Yes, right, there. Well, did you hear about this "large Bellevue property that sold for $78M to major biotech developer?'' That's just swell.

On one side, it looks like it's about to get COVID-real this Christmas, but, on another side, it also looks like this new variant is trying to find a way to work with humans. In the future, we may see Omicron is the first COVID-19 variant that really only wanted to infect us without killing us too much. KOMO: "Large increase in coronavirus cases in King Co, however hospitalizations, deaths are down."

Merry Christmas, the capital of a system of a type of accumulation that concentrates and centralizes (two different things) wealth in the form of value, capitalism:

"What's in this drink?" The world still has yet to receive an answer to that question in the creepiest Christmas song.

The caribous of a habitat in Canada have scored a huge victory. This is what they are saying among themselves right now in the snow: "Can you believe it," "I can't believe it," "She refuses to believe it." But it's all true, caribou. CBC: "Snowmobiles are no longer allowed in selected areas of the South Peace region in northeastern B.C...."

The famous American essayist Joan Didion made sure she did not miss the long train of famous 2021 deaths. She is on it. She is gone. And those who saw her off are leaving the platform.

Thinking about getting and renewing a passport? Well, I hate to be the one that brings this bit of bad news. I'm not that kind of guy. I'm that kind of guy. I love keeping things positive. Anyway, the prices of American passports are about to go "pop."

I do not know why Dan Quayle is in the news. If you do, then click here.

It seems Donald Trump has finally realized that even all of the cheating in the world will not help him in 2024 if a huge number of his supporters are "toes up." The Hill: "Trump pushes back on Candace Owens: 'People aren't dying when they take the vaccine'"

Because we live in a universe, and this universe, most likely one of many, is so fucking beautiful and probably filled with other life forms that have no idea that it is Christmas time right now.

I want to leave you with a piece of music that concludes the first season of the superbly funny TV show South Side. It follows Chromatics "Cherry." There is this sudden interfusion of heartbreak, a cop rolling around the needles left by junkies, and the cosmic. As we rise from the city to the stars, we hear the gospel of Pastor T. L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir's "Wonderful." This tune is just church and nothing else. I do not believe in God, but I believe in wonderful.