Me and everyone else in King County, apparently.
Me and everyone else in King County, apparently. Lambert And Young/Getty

The CDC recommends shortening the isolation period for those who have tested positive for COVID: Now, the government agency advises that if you happen to catch the coronavirus, you only need to isolate for five days instead of the previously recommended ten, reports AP. The CDC said that decision was born out of evidence that people are likely infectious "two days before and three days after symptoms develop." Oh, and they need people to get back to work faster. Love this for us and our crumbling public health infrastructure!

Meanwhile in King County: We set a new record for reported COVID-19 cases. In the past seven days, the county has experienced a 195% increase in cases, reports Elise Takahama over at the Seattle Times. Though we have yet to determine how many of those are omicron cases specifically, last Thursday county health officials recorded 2,249 COVID cases, which is "about three and a half times the peak of its delta wave." Not good!

Also not good: After taking a year off, the flu is back, hospitalizing people and killing at least two children. And, anecdotally, I know that some kind of cold is also making the rounds in the city. As I'm writing to you, I feel so freakin' congested. I'm wrestling through the tail-end of the first cold I've had in the last two years. All this shit sucks.

Jean-Marc Vallée is dead at 58: The French-Canadian screenwriter and director behind movies like Dallas Buyers Club and mini-series like Big Little Lies was found dead in his cabin outside Quebec City this weekend. His publicist told the New York Times that his death was "unexpected," though no cause has yet been released. Locally, Vallée had been a fixture at the much-beloved Orcas Island Film Festival, where he held master classes and performed DJ sets on the island. He will be missed.

Fire at a Renton apartment building: Three people were hurt after a two-alarm fire consumed an apartment on South 7th Street and Shattuck Avenue South early this morning, reports KOMO. Two were "critically injured" while the third suffered minor injuries, and some residents of the building had to evacuate into the cold outdoors. Word is still out on what caused the massive blaze.

If you can believe it: It's been three whole years since the most recent season of Donald Glover's Atlanta premiered. FX recently dropped the trailer for the brilliant series' third season, which will be released in March. It finds Earn, Darius, and Van abroad for the European leg of PaperBoi's international tour. So excited for this one.
Eighth Generation's Louie Gong is retiring: The Nooksack artist who started the lifestyle and apparel company announced last week that he'd step down as CEO and refocus on his own art. He spoke with the Seattle Times' Naomi Ishisaka about the decision and the impact of Eighth Generation on Native art here.

You can always count on America to spend a shitload on the military: Today, President Biden signed the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). It will allocate a staggering $768.2 billion to our nation's military, energy department, and "other defense-related activities." But paying people to stay home again during a global pandemic? Nope!

Seattle Kraken's Brandon Tanev won't play for the rest of season after injuring his ACL during a game against the Edmonton Oilers on December 18.

Sticker break: Sticker Patrol favorite starheadboy made the coolest animation about sticker spotting in the city. It features some prevalent stickies that you'll definitely find on the backside of signposts around around Seattle: "Make Seattle Shitty Again," "Phew Blink," "fight hard, stay soft," and more. I'm that lil' squirrel:

Another day, another time capsule found at the former site of the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia: According to CNN, authorities found a copper box beneath the pedestal that was once home to a statue of the Confederate general. The box was brought to the Department of Historic Resources' conservation lab for assessment before they will open the bad boy. I wonder what (potentially racist) treasures are contained inside?

For once, the Seattle Times' editorial board is on the right track: Both The Stranger and the old farts lording over the Times agree—cars driving through Pike Place Market fucking suck. The board dropped an editorial Sunday in favor of making the market a pedestrian-only space. But, of course, it must be done in a manner that won't diminish "the vitality of the independent businesses that call Pike Place Market home." If there's one thing that editorial board knows how to do, it's center businesses.

Ok finally getting to what everyone actually cares about right: The freakin' snow. According to Seattle Weather Blog, today was the coldest day in 31 years with a high of 23 degrees. Brrrr! And while we didn't get any more snow today, we can potentially expect more at the end of the week. The Stranger's Hannah Krieg wrote up the state of the city as it relates to this cold snap. I already drank my day's allocation of hot chocolate so I have no idea what else to do today...

And for all those Sloggers who also watch The View: Apparently, following Meghan McCain's departure, the show is having a tough time hiring a Republican lady to be a full-time host. According to POLITCO Playbook, the four permanent hosts told executive producer Brian Teta that they've had ENOUGH of the GOP rotation of guest hosts and want someone for good. Now up for consideration for the conservative seat? Bari Weiss, lol.

For your listening pleasure: Tommy Genesis's "a woman is a god."