Those protests really got to her.
Those protests really got to her. Lester Black

Y’all scared Durkan: Basically since all the scary protesters took to the streets last summer, Mayor Jenny Durkan has taken threats very seriously with now over a year of round-the-clock security. Rich wrote about the cops guarding her house in January if you're curious.

According to this new piece by the Seattle Times, since 2017, Durkan's received five separate death threats. Sometime after the first protest that passed her house in the summer of 2020, some Durkan haters left graffiti that read “Guillotine Jenny” and “Resign Bitch.” Obviously she took the threats to heart—she said she was friends with Thomas Wales, a federal prosecutor who was shot to death at home in 2001—but she did not take advice from the tag “Resign Bitch.”

Road conditions: If you’re headed out on your morning commute (don’t worry, I’m not Charles or Matt, I won’t shame you too hard for driving hahaha), Seattle traffic superstar Tracy Taylor has a very informative and millennial tweet for you. Personally, I love it. It's avant-garde.

Snowmicron: Yesterday, the genius I am, the inventor of journalism herself, I wrote about all the things the snow has fucked up for people who rely on public services. The county closed down most testing sites, canceling about 1000 appointments during a record-breaking surge as people return from holiday gatherings. Today, that trend continues with these closures.

Here in Seattle: You'll notice COVID testing is hard to come by. Most of the Curative walk-up spots are booked until next week. Yeesh. Know a good spot to find at-home rapid tests? Send us the scoop.

Cancel culture getting out of hand: In the same vein, KIRO 7 published this lovely resource about what is canceled today. The county is still operating with just 60 core bus routes. North and South Seattle college are closed, but operating remotely today. One thing we will never get back post-COVID-19 is a proper snow day. Love working remotely, but sometimes you gotta just chill when it’s too snowy to go anywhere.

Also the planes: The snow also grounded planes at Sea-Tac. KOMO reported Monday that, on what was predicted to be the busiest travel day of the year, bad weather canceled 277 flights and delayed 454 flights at Sea-Tac.

The flight attendants call out CDC: Yesterday, the CDC threw up its hands and said, “You know what? Five days of isolation sounds fine.” Airlines rejoiced—they had lobbied for a shortened isolation period amid thousands of canceled flights. But Sara Nelson—not that Sara Nelson—the president of the Association of Flight Attendants, argued the new policy meets corporate needs rather than keeps the public safe.

Cloth masks are so last season: Okay kids, we are in a bit of trouble when it comes to transmission of omicron. Health experts want you to ditch the cloth masks and get a big boy mask. And make sure it's a real one!

To illustrate this further:

It's not just "not dying": Many of us have adopted the attitude that we can be riskier because COVID-19 will not kill us. I admit, sometimes when Gov. Jay Inslee and Dr. Anthony Fauci tell me I can go out and play, I go out and play, conducting very little risk assessment of my own. But dying is not the only negative outcome from COVID-19. I saw a girl on Tik Tok who still hasn't regained a normal sense of taste. Sucks. A new study found that even in people who have asymptomatic or mild cases of COVID-19, the virus lingers in nearly every organ in the body and continues to exist and cause an infection for months. If you want to scare yourself just a little bit, here's the full story with KIRO 7.

These effing schools, man: Okay, okay I know The Stranger (namely me, Hannah) has given you more than enough school content to chew on recently, but these damn schools, man! The fun never stops. Here’s what’s happening according to Dahlia Bazzaz at the Seattle Times: A former Seattle Public Schools student said school administrators kept him quiet about alleged locker room sexual misconduct on the Garfield High School swim team. Now he’s seeking $500,000 in damages from the district.

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Speaking of schools: Despite the risk of the extraordinary contagious omicron variant, Seattle Public Schools said they will return to in-person, on-time, Jan. 3 after winter break. Some universities are taking a more cautious approach. Western Washington University and the University of Washington are among the colleges that will go virtual for the first week back from winter break travel and festivities. Seattle Pi has the story.

Why is no one talking about this??? The Seattle Times has yet to break it, Crosscut has yet to give it the three thousand words it so rightly deserves, even our own Jas, failed to include the news in Slog PM last night. The liberal media does not want you to know that Twitter finally verified me.