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A lunchtime report.



Thanks for continuing to cause climate change, deforestation, human rights abuses, environmental racism, and unspeakable cruelty by enthusiastically upholding animal agriculture, Charles! Wouldn't be a day that ends in Y without rank hypocrisy from The Stranger!


The best fried chicken in the region is ALSO at the Saar's Super Saver stores in Tukwila, Port Angeles, Oak Harbor, Tacoma, Bremerton, and a few other spots. Nice 'n' s salty, light crunch, not overbattered, moist meat, it just tastes like 1991. I brought a whole load of it to my mom's house for Christmas Eve dinner and everyone was shocked/elated.


At first I thought what a shit photo, I can hardly read the sign of shop. But then I realized after the chicken got panned, it was as if Charles was pulling a punch by minimizing it.


How were the dipping sauces for the chicken fingers? They're critical.


Dinosaurs taste like chicken?


Krispy Krunchy Chicken shows up in several places in the area. I get mine from Snoqualmie. It is the best fried chicken!


Charles, didn't you mention another gas station with great fried chicken a few years ago? Can't remember the name, but I think it was on the 14 bus route.


I am not sure I would trust a self-described Marxist Socialist to identify the best fried chicken, would you!?


pretty ridiculous because Hill Top Grocery sells the same Coopers Chicken you can get at many, many other local gas stations. There are plenty of other Cooper's Chicken gas stations that are upgraded and cleaner than this place.


@Sofa King Great

That's about the dumbest comment I've ever seen.

Marxist-Socialists don't eat?

Climb back into your hole, the adults are talking.


@syz路y路guy The one on the 14 line is Quick Pack, on the corner of MLK and Jackson. It's SO good.


@Sofa King Great

I'm reminded of the time I met a Marxist accountant, and I had the same reaction you did.

He looked at me, like the idiot that I was, and said "You know Marxists need to balance their checkbooks too, right?"

Of course, I was 17 at the time and fresh out of a small-town high school.

What's your excuse?


Eclipse...only the elites eat under Marxism, the masses starve. Also they just don't identify "the best" on merit, just sayin'


I come to you today my friends as a heretic ... and I apologize NOT! Once I was an ascetic monk of the cast iron skillet. Apostle of the c-store grease gorge. (Those hot bubbles!) Traveller near and far. Evangelist. No more. The best fried chicken is no longer fried chicken, at least not in the 'Murican sense. It is Korean. Every place I've tried that does authentic Korean chicken has had me weeping like Ike gazing upon Sputnik. Bok a Bok, sure. District H. You name it. You can screech oranges and apples at me all day and I say, fie to you! It's a chicken. It's fried. It kicks ass. I am saved!


Quick Pack Food Mart at Jackson and MLK is my personal favorite. They also make a mean samosa!


Quick pack ,technically no longer a gas station, is number one for gas station chicken.


My Google maps isn't working so I can't give you exact details but the best corner store chicken is just a couple blocks north of white center on 18th ( I think) Like Quik Pac they have some East African spice in the breading.


It tickles me how everybody is refusing to respond to the hysterical vegan @1. Go team!


Krispy Krunchy is a national franchise headquartered in Louisiana. Go ahead and rank it against your KFC, Popeyes, Church's, Zaxby's, and the like if you're so inclined, but reviewing a single location like you're a chowhound braving every grimy walk-up and bait shop to earn your Authenticity merit badge is... well, it's pretty funny at least.


Fried chicken is garbage food. Greasy, unhealthy, and dire. Gas station fried chicken is what the lumpen proletariate eat under capitalism, without the benevolent guidance of the avant garde, without the benefit of their hard-won communal riches and the enlightening power of the commune.

Those who fear socialism should fear that this is what the working class will force upon them. This would of course be the case if the working class maintained its artifically base tastes and low expectations learned from millenia of servitude. But with good leadership and the experiences of those in society with good taste and insight applied to their greatest use (from each according to their ability), our standards can be raised. We can all enjoy the finer things in life, healthfully, and affordably.


Those who have experienced Marxism have experienced hunger. There is only one type of fired chicken under Marxism, government fried chicken, and there is never enough of it to feed the proletariat. Those who starve and suffer rarely get the chance or have the energy to tell their tales. Why would we ever fear Marxist fried chicken? You know the Venezuelans must be pretty good at eating street dog now. What's the best fried street dog available in Seattle?

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