Well. I bet it will be VERY confusing for a Proud Boy to decide which race affiliated gang to join in prison.


Tiny got shot in Olympia last summer when the PBs showed up looking to fight somebody, anybody. Supposedly it was his ankle but if it was bad enough to really mess with his mobility there probably would have been more follow up news coverage.


“Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said that officers were monitoring the situation from afar and would make arrests at a later date.”

NO Reason for US to get shot at
we’ll just allow them go about thier
Constitutionally-Protected!* Right to
Shoot at each other down at the local K-Mart
oh and Pray that they don’t bust out any windows

*fully God-mandated


As should the provocateurs who tossed molotov cocktails in the Summer of Love.


bingo dewey: will those
agents provocateur once
a-gain roll up thy Sleeves?

idle hands
& all that


@4: johnny on the both sides do it spot


@7: balance challenged?


@2 So he wasn't shot in his tiny toes.

Probably not a good idea to start fights with random people but it seems he's a slow learner.


These no-nutters have to find a release somehow, and are just using both hands. I recommend ditching their pledge and having a good fap.

Unfortunately they're the aggressors and in no way can be seen as defending themselves, much less "protecting [their] families".

I hope they all get plenty of time to fap away their self-inflicted angst in prison.

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