Would you look at that? A map!
Would you look at that? A map!

Not the redistricting thing again: Remember the mess that was the redistricting committee? There’s a new development. A new federal lawsuit filed today alleges that Washington’s recently approved legislative district maps violate the federal Voting Rights Act because it limits the power of Latino voters in Central Washington. The Seattle Times can tell you more.

Capitol Hill Block Party returns this summer on July 22nd thru 24th!
Featuring Charli XCX, Diplo, and more! Full line-up and tickets at capitolhillblockparty.com

Dark days are over: The Seattle Weather Blog, who, as you know by now, is an avid supporter of all things rain, clouds, and gloom, tweeted this crucial notice that in one week, the sun will not set until 5 p.m. It is truly the little things, folks.

Linking up to Ballard: The draft environmental impact statement for the West Seattle and Ballard Link Extension project dropped online this week, according to cool neighborhood news source, My Ballard. Before you get too excited about this preliminary step, we won’t be linking to streateries in Ballard for well over a decade. Will see if Councilmember Dan Strauss can keep us drinking cocktails in fancy-schmancy tents for that long.

Fuck AGC: This morning, more than 100 concrete workers protested outside of Seattle’s AGC headquarters. Some construction workers have been on strike for three months, demanding a fair contract. Suppose bosses don't give their workers what they're worth. In that case, the continued strike effort could delay essential construction projects, warns the Washington State Department of Transportation, the City of Seattle, and King County. King 5 has more.

Good ole grocery workers: A new survey of more than 10,000 unionized Kroger grocery workers in the Western United States found that 78% sometimes struggle to meet their basic needs. Almost one-third of the survey respondents were from Washington. The Seattle Times has more.

The Kraken: I know some of y’all care about the Kraken. So here. Kiro 7 has the team’s updated schedule after games got postponed due to COVID-19, if you can believe it.

Twitter is abuzz: I have to bring this up on Slog again. So yesterday, this dropped and everyone and their mother drew on their eyeliner a little thicker in celebration. My Chemical Romance, Paramore, and more are slated to reunite in a nostalgic fantasy lineup at When We Were Young Emo Pop Festival. Yes, this is a real lineup.

If you just totally don’t think about COVID at all, this sounds really, really fun. I, for one, love Avril Lavigne. But Twitter is concerned that the packed lineup during the 1-day event will lead to mayhem. With the recent Astroworld tragedy, it seems reasonable that festival-goers want extra assurance that they are in good hands.

“Big Ears”: Newly sworn-in King County Councilmember Sarah Perry has no plans, just vibes. You'll remember her as a puppet from her competition Kathy Lambert's problematic mailer with which she basically ended her political career.

Instead of coming in with a legislative wish list, Perry told the Seattle Times that she is walking into council chambers with "big ears" to listen to others about what needs to be done. Disappointing that the image at the top of this article does not give a clear shot of just how big Perry’s ears are.

But are they really: Slightly tilted by this oversight from an otherwise very talented photographer, I went in search of evidence to suggest whether or not Perry does in fact have big ears. My extremely sophisticated investigative process (Google Images, because I’m a reporter of the people) came back with no results that indicated above-average ear size. Boo. Hope she can listen extra hard with her average-sized ears.

It is with a heavy heart that I share this: Starbucks reversed course and will no longer require workers to get vaccinated. The Online Left is canceling Starbucks and thus my recent love affair with the pistachio latte is in danger.

I think I shall end with a song: I like when Jas and Chase and others end with a song, so I too will end with a song. In the spirit of the emo festival and potential mass death event, here is a Paramore song that makes my brain go brrr.