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A new Netflix documentary shows how Boeing's cost-cutting measures cost lives.



Thank you, Rory Kennedy and Chase Hutchinson, for sharing this informative article on the senseless fatalities of corporate greed. This is an important Netflix documentary to see, however tragic and horrifying, to ensure that such carelessness does not ever happen again. One photograph shown above reminded me of a November 18, 2019 article in The New Yorker Magazine, The Case Against Boeing, by Alec McGillis. I immediately recognized Michael Stumo, pictured at the far right, holding a photo of his late daughter, Samya, among the passengers killed in the Ethiopian Airlines flight from March 10, 2019. My heart bleeds for the Stumos and those who have lost family members and friends.
Indeed, Boeing's glory years were when the company was run by licensed, union paid aerodynamic engineers. When profiteering hedge fund managers took over, moved headquarters to cheap, non-union states, and fired employees concerned about meeting FAA safety issues, that right there should have been a major red flag.
Here is hoping that terrible tragedies like the Lion and Ethiopian Airlines crashes never repeat themselves, and corporations take more accountability for their greed and willfully costly actions.


"It's left to the citizens
to make those kinds of
demands and vote people
into office who are going to do
the right thing to balance it out."

you mean it Was
till Dread Pirate aka
Chief Just US! Roberts
sold the Electorate down
the fucking River aka 'Citizens
United' and 'Free Speech' became

to the Citizenry at large

dread pirate Roberts
also sat on his handsies
whilst McMitch KkKonnell*
denied the Democrat HIS RIGHT-
FUL USSC Choice and so promptly
LOST 'his' Court and the American People.


'a Democracy IF
you can Keep it.'

Democracy we
Barely knew ya.

*far far FAR 'right' extremisist &
Court-Packing son of a Bitch mitch


perhaps there's a
Doc there as well


oh and Blaming
the (brown) Pilots?

that oughtta be worth
Ten + Years in
The Slammer
on its Own.


If it's Boeing, I'm not going.


Now run by a Private Equity guy, so you know how that's gonna go.


well God Bless
our Shareholders

& the Undertakers!


Well put auntie grizelda, these anti-union capitalist fuck-bots should be butt-raped and shot in the head for what they did to these innocent air travellers.

Rory Kennedy makes a compelling case for increased regulation of the aircraft industry and Boeing in particular.

This is tragic example of the “chickens coming home to roost” after the Wall Street investor types, drunken on the pursuit of mindless profits, chased the unions out and moved the corporate offices to Chicago.

That butt hole Harry Stonecipher, the shithead from McDonnell-Douglas, is like the cretin who signed-off on the Challenger Space Shuttle launch, driving the Boeing organization and legacy of excellence into the ground by putting harebrained anusses in charge of engineering design and execution, resulting in catastrophic human and monetary losses.

Ironically, consumer advocate Ralph Nader lost his young grandniece in the Egyptian 737 disaster, underscoring the hellish stupidity of Boeing and their neglectful attitude toward air flight safety standards.

In a very real and sorrowful sense, Mr. Nader’s loss reiterates what he has been warning the public for generations: corporations, drunken on money and power, like Satanic oligarchs, cannot be trusted to represent the interests of the public, particularly in the air-flight arena.

Think Enron and how Sears Roebuck is slowly sliding into the shitter.

This is the corporate profit-seeking rot we have running the country, by proxy through tainted politicians and an electorate blinded by the endless pursuit of money at all costs, regardless of ethical and human collateral damage.

Once again, the disgusting relic of white ethnocentrism and global racism rears its ugly head, as Boeing downgrades the relevance of these two successive, mind-boggling tragedies given that they involve mostly people of color, and occurred in third world countries, where the people are mostly non-white and the American Corporatocracy considers them less worthy spiritual beings due to lesser gross national product and non-white skin color.

It comes as no surprise that Boeing Aircraft Company, asshole of the know universe, immediately blamed the pilots for these horrific crashes, when the real culprit was a poorly designed autopilot system that overcorrects for a bad airframe design that should have been re-engineered, but the cocksuckers in Boeing management were too busy at the golf club, swizzling martinis and sucking each other’s dicks.

There can be little doubt that wealth and the mindless pursuit thereof brings insanity.

Piper Aircraft deployed a similar air flight compensating system decades ago, and the system repeatedly malfunctioned, resulting in numerous hellish air disasters where the aircraft intersected with the earth, causing Piper to abandon this dangerous technology.

Unfortunately, to say the least, the fanny-fuckers at Boeing ignored this historical information and proceeded with the flawed air-pitch controller, pulling the wool over the eyes of the FAA with the assistance of complicit, morally compromised dip shits in charge of Boeing safety engineering.

It has been often said that it is a miracle that Boeing can even get a functional aircraft out the door, dysfunctional organization that it is, and these consecutive 737 disasters more than underscore the ineptitude of Boeing, even as we speak.

Thank goodness Rory Kennedy and Chase Hutchinson are highlighting this ongoing concern that affects the PNW economy and countless lives greatly.

Remember to vote for pro-union, pro-regulation socialist candidates like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, to help declaw these anti-humanitarian, anti-safety, greedy motherfuckers at Boeing Aircraft.

At the local level, support socialist candidates like Lorena González and Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, who have the people’s backs and seek equitable and humanitarian solutions to political discord, and are not afraid of the big, pink capitalist Boeing lobbyist weenies and scrotums flapping in their face.

Mayor Harrell is already equivocating on important issues of crime and social justice, acting like he just got out of a Rotary Club group-grope at the Rainer Club sauna.


I am glad the stranger is keeping up on Boeing's ongoing death throes. It is spending down the institutional capital of a functioning firm that made good stuff and is being run now as just a series of cash flows that are periodically affected by non-cyclical expenses (customers fleeing from crappy products and/or inability to legally sell because the products are so very very bad). Nothing to do with making airplanes anymore.


@8 pollysexual: Thank you for the reminder of consumer protections advocate, Ralph Nader being among the outraged and grieving. Samja Stumo was Nader's grandniece. Nader's and the Stumo family's testimony (Michael Stumo and his wife, Nadia Milleron are the surviving parents of Samya Stumo; Nadia is Ralph Nader's niece) in Alec McGillis's story from The New Yorker magazine really shook me to the point that I doubt I'll ever fly in a commercial jet again.
You are SO SPOT ON:
"In a very real and sorrowful sense, Mr. Nader's loss reiterates what he has been warning the public for generations: corporations, drunken on money and power, like Satanic oligarchs, cannot be trusted to represent the interests of the public, particularly in the air-flight arena.

Think Enron and how Sears Roebuck is slowly sliding into the shitter.

There can be little doubt that wealth and the mindless pursuit thereof brings on insanity."

Agreed and seconded, pollysexual. Bravo and kudos--you nailed it.
Thank you, too, for the reminder of whom to vote for who is pro-union, like Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and more local representatives like Lorena Gonzales and Nicole Thomas-Kennedy. The nauseating RepubliKKKan corporate stranglehold on the American people must come to an end.


I watched this documentary and it was quite moving. I am grateful I ignored my friends parents growing up who tried to steer me into engineering and Boeing. I would not be able to sleep at night knowing what was and what is now if I had become a part of that company.


Where are all the free market 'center right' idiots to explain to us how Boeing is right to be run this way and we are all stupid and naive to insist on something different?


Just watched the movie last night.. stomach turning having worked for Boeing from mid 80s to mid 90's..Lead engineer on 777 and 737Ng great technical leadership. nepatism, sexism, racism was always there, but move to technical incompetence was deal breaker. Couldn't take it and bailed out in 96, whcih did correspond with Mcdonald Douglas merger, and Stonecipher move to profit at anycost. Good people probaly still in company, but the weere muffled and gagged. Documentary captures pretty accurately what I saw and expereienced first hand. This story will repeat itself until we all effective Divorce Wallstreet.

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