Holy fuck, this new trump twitter is gonna rule for the few weeks it exists before getting pulled from both Android IOS systems for idiocy.


*android and IOS systems, that should read

I can barely contain myself!

(for real though, it's gonna be sad, and likely, heartbreakingly angry.)


@2 & @3, yes, it will be a complete shit show. Odds on how often it crashes? Or how quickly it gets hacked?


I think it's clear that the best abbreviation for Truth Social is "TSoc"


"TSoc" should be pronounced "T-Suck", of course


PRAVDA = "Truth" in Russian.

Coincidence? Please.


Fear not, Spring will return on Saturday.


for the William Defoe!


sending in the
'Peace Keepers'?

he's got a bit of
Orwell trumpf and a
Big Dose of Bezos' Balls

omg Smokin' Joe
whatchya gonna Do?


There is not $60 million dollars in BLM funds "missing."

The rightwing racist disinformation sphere has predictably seized on and exaggerated a turf war over local BLM activists and a national group (who have questionable authority) that fund raised a war chest from corporate donors. The local activists are rightly demanding more transparency.

This sort of thing is common when non-profit activism moves from the streets to a national political movement to a corporate trend. Local activists who do all the legwork become disenfranchised from what becomes a lobbying or marketing arm that get's all the money. From the Red Cross to the Sierra Club.

And in this case the three people who raised these funds were not "elected" or really fully authorized to use the name BLM in the way they have by many of the local activists. At least that is what many local activists say.

It's certainly possible that these self appointed national organization "leaders" are mismanaging monies or exercising unethical control over it. But there is no evidence of stolen money. Yet.

This is the third iteration of false rumors of "embezzlement" that Rightwing racists have spread from the very begging. All previous rumor thoroughly debunked. It's not like they are the NRA or anything.


Now if we want real $$$$$ we would go after the Russian and far right American backed "truck convey" groups.

Oh, wait, that's already happening.

Don't do the crimes if you don't like a long stay in Edmonton in the winter.


We use abbreviations for terms that we use so frequently that it's cumbersome to use the full name. I don't think Donny's wannabe Nazi Twitter is going to suffer from that problem.



'truthy' [National] socialists


of the


@7 - and "Isvestia" (the other state paper) meant "news." The old Russian joke was that "in Truth there is no news, and in News there is no truth." Maybe that should be updated to "In Truth there is no news, and in Fox News there is no truth."


it's just
having more
Monie$ than GODs

we allow: Fabulous
Wealth Concentration

This: is what we get.
any Questions?

well I have one:
WHY ain't Y0U Rich?
is it because of all the Poors?

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