Hey everyone! Meet your new co-worker, and her …master. At the work party, the new gal showed up with her 24/7 master who fed her in front of everyone, the whole time. Now, the caller doesn’t want to be sex-negative or anything, but is this appropriate workplace etiquette?

Next up! Do you like to crank them hogs? This widower had a rich, fulfilling sex life with his wife Barb, but she passed away. How can he find sexual fulfillment in his golden years? (And, Nancy has an important message for you.)

Dan meets his millennial match in Shan Boodra—host of the “Lovers and Friends” podcast. They talk about why so many women can’t let go of bad partners, “trauma bonds” vs. “survivor bonds” and when white women are attracted to “Black Girl Magic.” You get a taste of it on the Micro, and all of it on the Magnum.

And, a trans guy is in a monogamous relationship with his boyfriend. But the caller wants to open it up so he can have sex with friends. Can the boyfriend come around in time? (Hint: Dan’s husband did…)

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