Help our freaky friends find a new space!
Help our freaky friends find a new space! GARRETT KELLY

Back in December, the much-loved low power FM station Hollow Earth Radio (HER) announced that after 11 years in its Central District location, the volunteer-run station would look for a new place to call home.

The move is primarily thanks to COVID, which severely limited the station's ability to gather together and host events in its Central District space. Weighing costs and resources, the station ultimately decided to find a new location that better fits its current needs. But don't worry! Though HER has already moved out, the crew has made an arrangement with their landlord to keep their antenna in the space for the time being so that they can continue to broadcast on the radiowaves.

HER spokesperson Genevieve Green tells us they want try to stay in the Seattle area, if possible, as that's where most of their volunteers and equipment are located. And because they are a low power radio station with limited reach, they must put a lot of consideration and intention into exactly where they place their broadcast antenna. Though staying in the Central District is looking less likely, HER has been looking to potentially team up with other art-based groups in the Seattle area to find a space that could fit various needs.

The process, however, is likely to be a long one. In the meantime, HER is hosting a benefit at Cafe Racer on February 25 to drum up support for their new housing search. Low Hums, Enuft, and William Wesley Bullock are all slated to play, and tickets are offered at $10, $15, and $20 tiers. The show isn't just about money, Green said, but a reminder that just because HER is in between physical spaces doesn't mean that they are gone for good.

"We're still here. We're still alive. We're still planning," she said. "We still want to be present in the future and continue supporting local art."

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