Courtesy the pups

It is the not-too-distant future, the year 2022, and humanity has been ravaged by plagues and war. In what’s left of American cities, roving packs of sexy leather-hooded strangers wander the wastes, defending their turf, grasping devices that can detect electronic hotspots where they capture invisible creatures that exist only in a cybernetic reality overlaid upon our own. With each victory, the hooded figures howl. This is the techno future promised by novels, and it can be yours if you join some pups from SEA-PAH, Seattle’s leather-pup community, for one of their Pokémon Go strolls through Cal Anderson Park. Newcomers are welcome — you don’t need to have experience with the game or any pup gear to join. (Though the event is 18+.) These get-togethers have been happening on-and-off for the last few years, with a bit of a break over the winter months; SEA-PAH will firm up future events at their board meeting on March 1. Adventures such as these will all be yours … in the future. Which is to say, this Saturday.

PokéPups in the Park happens Saturday, Feb 26, from noon to 3 PM at Cal Anderson Park.

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