Cuz that shit's sold out. Ebru Yildiz

I'm sorry to report this but it looks like BOTH nights of Mitski performing at The Moore next week are completely sold out. Her entire tour is nearly sold out. You’re either in or you’re out, and at this point, you’re probably out. My editor told me to write a blurb about the Mitski show, but now that it's sold out I will instead use this space to gush about Mitski. The first Mitski song I ever heard was "Townie" when I was 19 or 20. Blew my mind. The first time I saw her perform was when she opened for Speedy Ortiz at The Sinclair in Boston. She worked her own merch table, which I thought was just as cool as the concept of being buried at Make Out Creek. Now, Mitski's huge. A big indie star who recently put out her sixth album, Laurel Hell, to critical acclaim. Obama (or one of his interns) apparently listens to "The Only Heartbreaker." Same, Obama. Here I am, still privately tearing up to her songs in my bedroom. Like this lyric on "Working for the Knife": "I always knew the world moves on / I just didn't know it would go without me / I start the day high and it ends so low." Fuck me UP!!!! Anyways, I have tickets. If you don’t, I’m sorry. You can read my review next week.

Mitski is in Seattle from March 9-10 at The Moore. CHAI is opening. Get on the waitlist here.