Sounds like a Rufo clone. I miss the time when the PNW was known mostly for serial killers. Fuckers like these are more dangerous.


Next stop, KTTH. Saul Spady watch your back.


Well, on the bright side, he’ll have lots of time to go visit Dori Monson’s “Just Asking Questions” Radio Filth Hour, as Proud Boys fan-boy video tributes are sort of like getting one of those Disney Lightning Pass things to cut to the front of the line of the whiny conservative victim/victor industrial complex these morons wallow in.

I’ll say this, Choe is quite intelligent for realizing that the shortcut to cashing in those huge conservative grievance politics checks is realizing, from the outset, that getting fired is a badge of honor.

If you would like the most clumsy, amateur, ham-fisted approach to this certified technique, watch Cliff Mass flail about on his “blog,” desperately attempting to generate attention with sloppy, dumpy writing about victimization for being the self-styled The Last Honest Man. Cliff Mass just can’t compete with this new, fresh generation of whiny republican self-promoting morons. I guess Boomers really have lost their edge≥


He'll likely be a guest star on Tucker Carlson's rant tonight, as Another American Victim.


Looking forward to his appearance on Brandi's vlog


I’m sure this fine young republican “journalist” is already booked on a Grievance & Moral Panic Whine Tasting tour with Joe Rogan or Katie Herzog.

I do wonder when those Proud Boys will be shipping out to go fight in Ukraine, though. Or did their mom’s not write them a note to miss school?


speakin’ of
Poverty Porn

yeah ‘prayerful patriots’
worshipping an uzi/Kalashnikov
/WMDs-totin’ bandolier-sportin’
cross-bearing social-Justice preachin’
pastel White (does White come in Pastel?)
Saviour o’ the Poor Jesus. say His name: yep.

the Patriarchy
cum Corporatocracy
is Strong in these ones

say that reminds me:
when do the MANDATORY
White Replacement Theory re-
Education camps* open for Summer?
"In our own towns
we’re foreigners now,
our names are spat and cursed."

well not to Worry:
that shite’s about to
be Outlawed as soon as
trumpfy “wins” the next one:
“republicans”are a Very Sensitive people

oh and FREE Speech
was never meant
for the Peonage

(it’s in both the Bible
& the Constitution!)

I’m seeing poverty porn
reporter Jonathan Choe as
either trumpf’s Propaganda Minister
or Special SPECIAL Justice on ‘our’ USSC
post- a ‘Mysterious Illness’ takes out 4 Justices

*’mask Mandates’?
what ARE you?
a KKKommie!?


Thank you to whomever may have played a part in ousting this shitbag.


THIS is what we get
for allowing Rupet Murdoch
the Freedom to poison OUR airwaves.


Imagine if the Stranger fired staffers who made shit up....there'd be nobody left. At least KOMO has standards.


The Stranger fired Katie Herzog.


@15 spot on. The takeaway from this is when faced with an employee that has become a shill for a fringe political group that espouses undermining the government and has no problem with violent tactics that threaten public safety Sinclair refused to be an enabler and cut ties. On the other hand I’m sure we’ll see many more op eds for Socialist alternative and their black bloc goons in these pages.



So can you provide links to any instances of Stranger staffers making shit up? Posting stories with an ideological bias that doesn't comport with your own (and FWIW I personally disagree with a fair number of their takes here) doesn't equate to making shit up.

I mean, obviously this is the internet so you bozos can just post whatever random fuckall you deem fit without fear of any sort of retribution, but if you had any integrity you'd include those links with your initial allegations of journalistic impropriety.


@13 Brent Gumbo and @14 kristofarian for the WIN!!!

@15, @17, & @18: Oh, look! It's Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dim, and Tweedle Dum, shitting their pants about a fellow MAGA tool getting canned! Which one of you three clowns has top bunk tonight?
Like FOX TEEVEE, KOMO's journalism standards are so low they're mined from the deep, dark butt cracks of the GOP archive$.


@19 mike blob: +1 No further questions, Your Honor.


Herzog literally claimed lesbians are going extinct because of Trans men and had one of the worst fact checkers records at the Stranger.


@15 Some standards. True, you can't sing Proud Boy hymns on KOMO (or on Fox, OANN or Newsmax for that matter). That kind of KKK-style overt white supremacy doesn't fly nowadays because it conflicts with the dominant MAGA/alt-right narrative that theirs is a colorblind, inclusive movement and it's BLM and their white allies who are the "REAL racists." So you have to be at least somewhat cryptic about it in elite right-wing spaces, otherwise you risk scaring away the "respectable" suburbanites needed to win elections. Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham both give a nightly tutorial as to how it's done. The ex-KOMO guy still has a lot to learn if he wants to move up in that world.


Among other things, those boys need voice lessons.


Yeah but KOMO, unlike The Stranger, doesn't use the word "Fuck" near enough..
O yeah, Standards...


@8 Cliff Mass is a doofus who just basically says it's not climate change until HE noted regional academic signs off on it


But Cliff is no Brett Weinstein in terms of monetizing his grievances


@28; But that's not why Cliff was let go. It was for pointing out the hypocrisy of the Anarchists for destroying minority-owned businesses in defense of minorities. His science remains unassailed. In spite of his refusal to rubber stamp every weather phenomenon as 'climate change'. It reminds me of one definition of 'absent':

ab'sent, adj.: unable to defend ones' self from the attacks of others.


Andrew Sullivan brought Katie Herzog's Save The Lesbians roadshow into his own substack gripefest.


@19, @21: Just today, in fact, we have an example of a Stranger staffer simply making shit up:

"The last thing the Chicago-based corporation needs is another 737 MAX mess, another plane — this time a Boeing 737-800 — that no one believes in and wants to be in."

The Boeing 737 is one of the best-selling airplanes ever. Both the 737-MAX and the 737-800 carry thousands of passengers per day, and Boeing's order books for the MAX remain strong. If Charles Mudede made movies the way Boeing makes airplanes, he'd be Lord God Emperor of The Moving Image, reigning supreme over His United Kingdom of Hollywood and Bollywood.

And here's another recent example, which described Seattle's homeless as, "people who need to sell stolen booze to feed themselves." (

This is a complete fabrication. The Stranger has tried awfully hard to find examples of persons prosecuted for stealing food, and has failed. By contrast, theft of liquor by homeless persons is so prevalent, the Stranger had to manufacture this lie to 'explain' it. (It couldn't possibly be alcoholics stealing liquor, because that would mean admitting addiction, not poverty, drives homelessness, and if the Stranger's staffers won't admit that after years of dirty needles underfoot, they never will.)

Now that I have answered your question, it's your turn. For the easy part, find a statement from CM Sawant which has been proven to be a flat-out lie. For the hard part, find an example when the Stranger did anything other than to repeat and amplify her obvious lie as if it were gospel truth. (Good luck with that last bit.)


I'm not sure Smith understands the origin and meaning of the phrase "red pilled". It seems a bit out of context in this article. Or perhaps I misunderstand Rich's political leanings.

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