The lady with the capitalism sign is hilarious. Keep 'em coming!


I am very glad to hear that Pike Place Market is going to be turned into a permanent Pedestrian only street (with commercial truck load zones, of course).

Way overdue!


“After over 27,000 fake applications”

not to worry ‘repub’s’’ll
soon have That outlawed

& Guillotines! One in every other*
Garage! I say EXPRESSLY
as such or else

does Daft Punk
pay Scale?

@2 -- tis the End
of the Auto-mobile!

'member you read it Here 1st

in case you were interested.


@2: Link please - I can't find any article to verify that.


@5: What a shame. Going to make it a lot harder to get my elderly grandmother to dine at The Pink Door and to pick up large and fragile antiques and other purchases.


@6 it’s an April fools prank. There is no plan right now to actually do this.


Amazon fired a gay employee in Spokane in retaliation after he complained to human resources about his boss sexually assaulting and bullying him.

The story is not getting the attention it should.

Amazon is no ally.


“Amazon is no ally.”

but strip-mining the Citizenry
IS right up the Big A’s alley

if the Big A goes
fully-Unionized wiil
they then remove the
suicide nets? Not seeing
them in the Staten Isle pic

is that Optimism or just
being Ahead of the
Game? dying to
Know here


so true johnny blu
we should ALL
be working 90
hours for Slave
Wages and if you
get Hurt on the Job
well ya shouldda been
More Careful. I Like the way

you think.


and 'Vacations'
are just a lazy
man's Pipe

we've def got a
Long Ways to
go Back.



No, They are not thinking about this

They are just on the "we hate capitalism" band wagon which is rolling around these parts.

If business find the "climate in Seattle" insalubrious they will simply move... much like some of the largest employers have already done....
Boeing, Mircrosoft, Amazon...etc.


Unions: BAD

un-bridled Capitalism:

90 million Citizens
un- & Under-insured

millions Homeless

childcare Non-existent

wages Stagnant

this sweet Capitalism
May work for You



who Pays
our Trolls?

do they get
Union Scale?*

*two words
striking Fear
into the cold
cold 'heart'
of any self-


@13: Especially when barista jobs are geared toward fitting the needs of temporary part-time employment for industrious youth who study in school and work on their career for something better with more pay. Rather than do that they want to settle down in as a unionized barista and still complain about rich people and capitalism.


@15 Well just point out the successes of Socialism and Communism. Oh, there aren't any.

Former USSR, Venezuala, Brazil - after its socialist programs., Oh Cuba .. a worker's paradise.... China perhaps..... Britain circa 1980 (pre-Thatcher)....

We do have our experience with Germany 1930 -- National Socialist Party... NAZI. That ended splendidly.


@20 Well... if you say so ... who are we to argue. btw...With regard to your use of diction ...Nice tautology. : D


@2 That only means that I will have to drive my box truck to the market to pick up a salmon fillet instead of my compact car.


tautology -- definition:
tinier words for
the simple-
minded if
you will


For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so it is nice to see workers organizing against exploitation by these overpaid stuffed shirts like Howard Schultz and the chiefs at Starbucks.

These capitalist fanny pirates who are overpaid and ethically and morally impoverished, should not take advantage of young people and service workers as they do.

Through the gift of collective bargaining, these employees can negotiate better pay and medical benefits, which are crucial in these heady days of people driven into bankruptcy and street-living, although you could hardly call it living.

These self-serving macaroons in upper management at Amazon and Starbucks deserve a visit from Jimmy Hoffa Jr. and the Teamsters to scare the daylights out of them and motivate them to offer better benefits for their employees.

Exploitation and poor upper management beget unionization, and the fervent agitation we see across the country to unionize and standup for employee rights and protection from molestation by perverted management indicates a more equitable dialog between employees and ownership.

Worker exploitation is like a natural disaster in the social arena, with people unable to make ends meet, forced into bankruptcy, falling into the trap of drug use, performing unsavory acts in alleyways and so on, only to accommodate the temporal needs of some wealthy philistine, twiddling their balls in a finger bowl and voting for Trump, the green orange Babadook fanny fondler.

We are witnessing a domino effect with a store here, and an enterprise there, no matter how small, gradually moving toward unionization and collectively telling management to play fair and provide equitable compensation and benefits, with social media providing a powerful lever.

These union organizers deserve credit for having the audacity to organize votes deep in enemy territory, putting their careers and physical safety on the line to stand up to greedy, hairy capitalists like Bezos and Schultz.

These money-obsessed titans have absolutely nothing going on upstairs and deserve a unionized workforce with adequate pay and benefits and a wealth tax to fight the deplorable effects of homelessness and social decay brought upon society by capitalist greed and their medieval managerial philosophy.

Unionization may in fact provide a de facto wealth redistribution by allowing employees to negotiate better benefits and compensation under federal mandates enforced by the National Labor Relations Board.

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