Virginia Foxx doesnt want the government to control our lives so she voted against capping insulin cost. Interesting logic, friend.
Virginia Foxx doesn't want the government to control our lives so she voted against capping insulin cost. Interesting logic, friend. C-Span screenshot

Protect Indigenous Women: Yesterday, Gov. Jay Inslee signed the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women's and People's Alert System, sponsored by Rep. Debra Lekanoff, the only Indigenous lawmaker in the State Legislature.

'I am proud to say that the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s and People’s Alert System came from the voices of our Native American leaders,' said Lekanoff, a member of the Tlingit tribe and the bill’s chief sponsor. 'It’s not just an Indian issue, it’s not just an Indian responsibility. Our sisters, our aunties, our grandmothers are going missing every day … and it’s been going on for far too long.'

The system will now respond to the disproportionate abduction and killing of Indigenous women. According to the Urban Indian Health Institute, more than four times as many Indigenous women go missing than white women in Washington, often without any uproar from the media. Now, Lekanoff and the state of Washington won't let these cases be ignored. The new system will ping law enforcement, display messages on highway reader boards, post on social media, and even alert the media.

Derogatory sites: Last year, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland declared "sq—-" a derogatory term to be scrubbed from federal landmarks and locations. Unfortunately, Washington really took a liking to this anti-Indigenous word, and now the state has 18 sites to rename. You can check them out here at KING 5's "Derogatory Geological Features" interactive map. There's a lot to rename, but the U.S. Geological Survey already picked five candidate names for each feature. If you want to have a say in these new names, you have until April 25 before the public comment period ends.

Ukraine update: Sources report that Russia is moving troops away from Kyiv, one of Putin's main targets. Here's the thread. Give him a follow for regular updates.

I-5, but it's all Teslas: The state wants us all in electric cars. The goal, according to the state's transportation plan, is to stop selling gas-powered cars by 2030. David Kroman breaks it down.

This is just like Lemonade Mouth: Lower enrollment rates hit Seattle Public Schools hard. Because the state uses enrollment head count to determine school budgets, SPS felt this in its pockets. Now, arts and music programs may be at risk of reductions.

This woman cannot stop getting jobs: Former Seattle Police chief Carmen Best can now add a new credit on her LinkedIn. Yesterday she announced that Microsoft gave her a gig as director of global security risk operations. Since she dipped out of SPD, she's scored a position on the AI ethics board at Axon, contributed at MSNBC, analyzed law enforcement for KING 5, written a book, and worked as a global account director with Securitas Security Services. The New York Police Department also considered her for police chief until the bitter end of the search. Phew.

CRIME! SEATTLE IS DYING! CRIME CRIME CRIME! I swear to God, the K broadcast outlets will use any excuse to talk about what a fucking shithole downtown looks like when they drive through in their Priuses en route to their Northgate homes. Tourism organization "Visit Seattle" said the tourists are back from a pandemic lull, and KOMO is worried that Seattle is too dangerous for vacationing midwesterners. KOMO talked to some visitors and apparently Seattleites experiencing homelessness are not ruining anyone's Pike Place Instagram pics.

Ballard Dan: Councilmember Dan Strauss hosted a town hall this week for District 6 residents, and what do you know, people wanted to talk about crime!

The "asshat brigade" strikes UW campus: The college commies at the University of Washington posted yesterday that a couple weirdo bigots showed up on campus on Trans Visibility Day. One sign-holder appears to believe that being a father means protecting your children from "gender ideology." Where I'm from, being a father means unhealthily bottling up your emotions and texting "Happy Birthday" on the wrong day. Anyway, some counter-demonstrators hung out nearby to show support for trans folks on campus.

With liberty and justice for ??? A Texas student claimed a teacher harassed her for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance. One teacher apparently compared people who do not stand for the pledge to "Soviet communists, members of the Islamic faith seeking to impose Shariah law, and those who condone pedophilia." State law requires children to stand for the pledge, but this student took issue with mentions of God and the line "With liberty and justice for all" because as a Black person she does not believe Black people have liberty and justice in America. Five years later, she won a $90,000 settlement.

193: The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would cap the cost of insulin at $35 per month. Even though the drug costs less than $10 to manufacture, patients can be charged anywhere from $300 to $1,000 a month. The bill will go to the Senate next, but still, 193 Republicans put profit over people and voted no.

ICYMI: The cops got $2.3 million from United States Department of Homeland Security to spend on training and toys. The council, who seems very firmly over this whole defund/demilitarize thing, authorized the spending earlier this week.

This is sweet: International Women's Month just ended (It is April Fool's, so be on your toes people) but I liked this nice post celebrating the women of the South Seattle Emerald. Enjoy.

Bernie v. Bezos: Here in Seattle we are used to our own socialist duking it out with Amazon's bald-headed billionaire, but the big socialist from Vermont also took shots at Jeff Bezos and his private space exploration company. Congress is considering giving $10 billion to NASA, which would feed into private companies like Bezos's Blue Origin and Elon Musk's SpaceX.

Bernie said:

To my mind, if you're worth $180 BILLION, if you've got mansions and a superyacht, if your hobby is trying to go to the moon or Mars or wherever, you're doing pretty well for yourself — no, Mr. Bezos, you don't need $10 billion in corporate welfare to subsidize your space travel.

Who are you: Lastly, whoever runs the UW Cherry Blossom Twitter seems to be a high-ranking Zoomer with 8 hour + daily screen time. I am intrigued.