Me and who when it hits 70 degrees?
Me and who when it hits 70 degrees? JOHNNYHETFIELD / GETTY IMAGES

Yes, the most important news is the possible weather in two days: After a long, dreary winter, Seattle is slowly heating up. Pretty soon, the girlies will not freeze hopping from bar to bar on a Capitol Hill Saturday night. According to the region's rain apologist weather blog, Thursday may be the day temperatures crack the 70s. I'm legit holding back tears.

New drug just dropped: Evusheld, a new drug designed to prevent COVID-19, is now available in Washington. The drug, administrated by two injections, could help immunocompromised people avoid the virus all together. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial, patients who got it saw a 77% decrease in the risk of developing COVID-19, according to the FDA.

Missing child: If an early morning amber alert startled you awake today too, then here's what you should know. Faith Collins, a three-year-old girl, went missing in Bothell after her mom left her briefly in the car and someone came around and stole the 2001 gold Honda Accord with Faith still inside. KIRO 7 has a little more information. If you see the Honda or a 41-inch white girl with blonde hair, then call 911.

First crack in the Mayor's bridge to the council: Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell rejected the council's budget authorization to sell $100 million in bonds to rehabilitate bridges in Seattle. According to Councilmember Alex Pedersen (who loves bridges dearly) this is the same bureaucratic shit the council experienced under the Durkan Administration. After a few months of unity and #OneSeattle, the new Mayor has for the first time gone against the will of a council that has so vocally praised the him for cooperating better than his predecessor.

Cop funeral: Every news outlet (and some not-so-news outlets) covered the memorial service yesterday in Everett for a cop who was killed on the job last month. Last year, 458 local, state, tribal and federal officers died in the line of duty. That's the highest cop deaths since 1930, but most did not die from gunfire. COVID-19 killed 65% of those officers.

You're not funny: If I die in a plane crash because one of you hooligans is pointing a laser pointer at an airplane, I will not be happy. I will be dead. And unhappy. Regardless, Sea-Tac is already pissed. As of March 9, pilots have reported over 100 incidents with lasers, most commonly a green laser greeting them for landing at Sea-Tac.

Old people about to kick ass: Yesterday in the City Council briefing, Councilmember Lisa Herbold shouted out the Chinatown International-District night watch. The watch emerged in the summer of 2020 to address crime without the need for police. The organization recently won a grant to fund self-defense classes for community elders, who perpetrators often target with violence.

And now, Rich has some news about school buses: Thanks, Hannah. This week (or early next week) a group within Seattle Public Schools will recommend a bus company the district wants to use to ferry the children to school and then the district will ultimately make the call on 4/21. The request for proposal process yielded two options: A California-based company called Zum, and also First Student, which just settled a complaint from the state’s Utilities and Transportation Commission after “regulators found more than 600 safety and procedural violations… in the past two years,” according to the Seattle Times. Back in February, news of all those complaints about First Student prompted the district to stop the bidding process and reassess the situation, but now it appears the district is ready to decide. Okay, back to you in the studio, Hannah.

Please stop blocking the crosswalk: Tomorrow, the Seattle Department of Transportation will activate its first "don't-block-the-box" intersection camera on 4th Ave and Battery. The camera will stick you with a ticket if you block a crosswalk or intersection, if the sheer embarrassment was not already enough. For some background on the cameras, check out The Urbanist.

Beef: Earlier this week, the South Seattle Emerald posted an op-ed from the Suquamish tribe in opposition to federal recognition of the Duwamish. More than half of Suquamish tribe members are Duwamish, and some do not feel represented by the call to get Congress to recognize the other organization as a nation. Of course, this is not the first time a tribe has spoken out against Duwamish recognition. The Muckleshoot and Puyallup have long said the Duwamish who want recognition are not who they say they are. The Duwamish Tribal Organization has struggled to prove its connection to the region. It is very challenging to prove a homeland when that land was stolen.

Please don't take my blue check, Elon:
Elon Musk went from complaining about censorship on Twitter, to owning a shit-ton of stock in it, to now becoming a director. The man has Reddit energy, which is slightly concerning, but maybe it'll be harder for him to mess with Twitter from Mars.

Rehabilitation is possible: Eyes glazed over, ragged breath flowing in and out of an open, dry mouth. You know the type, the avid Fox News watcher. A recent study showed Fox New watchers can be changed! As someone who grew up with Fox News constantly playing in the background, I can testify.

Family reunion: Remember Obama? Well, he's paying his old friend Joesph Robinette Biden a visit. During the Obama-Biden administration, the Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, but not without a huge number of glitches. Biden cut costs temporarily for new enrollees, and now Obama is coming over to celebrate. We shall see if they still wear those friendship bracelets.

Sacramento shooting: Police arrested a second suspect in connection to a mass shooting this weekend in Sacramento, California that left six people dead. The suspect was injured at the scene, given care at the hospital, and then arrested. The two initial suspects are brothers.

What Happened to China Boeing 737? Within a week, we could have new insight into what exactly brought down the plane that crashed last month, killing all passengers.

Russia: Russia really fucked up Ukraine. Ukrainian officials said they found bodies of at least 400 civilians in towns around Kyiv. Now the President of Ukraine will go before the United Nation's Security Council to ask for more weapons.