A woman discovered that her boyfriend cheated on her. How did she know? He washed his own sheets for the first time EVER. When confronted, (after lying at first,) he said that men need variety and monogamy is unnatural. Is this correct?

A man and his husband now live apart because one of them didn’t want to live in the cold, dark, rainy Pacific Northwest. But they still love and miss each other so much. The caller feels like his house is a museum of their love, with objects everywhere to remind him of his man. Should he sell the house and move on?

On the Magnum, Dan lures the delightful stand-up comedian Gianmarco Soresi to give his straight male perspective on dating whilst famous and…dick picks.

And, a sex worker has a boyfriend who disapproves of her job. He started seeing another woman because he claims it’s the only way he can stomach his girlfriend’s profession. The caller agreed to let him see both of them, so long as the other woman knew about her. When the woman found out, she dumped the lad, leaving him seething with anger. Now the caller wonders… who is the asshole?

There are going to be a few more single men after this show comes out… Listen here: