There’s just one thing in American culture that reaches a large number of people across a diverse spectrum. Only the NFL can save our Republic.


Supreme Court justices are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Vote. And real votes… not bullshit protest votes or third party. No “there’s no difference between the parties” fucking nonsense. No “I want a revolution” vote.

Government moves slow. Politics is comprise… you won’t get everything you want. But if you throw away your vote, you’ll get nothing. Ever.

Work within reality. Not fantasy.

Capitalism isn’t going away. All the corporations won’t cease to exist. You won’t eat the rich.

Stop with the bullshit slogans and focus on reality.

We have a two party system whether you like it or not. Make a choice. Or live with the consequences.

Stop voting for demagogues.

The current Supreme Court and their awful decisions are as much a result of apathy as any thing else. Blame the right all you want, but they vote. Regularly. The left doesn’t. And this is the result.


actually it's
they spared no Caps those stonemasons

if only a few of those letters
might dislodge a few of
those Kooks we might
just get US a little



@2: People did place "real votes" in 2016. Clinton received millions of more of those votes than Trump. But of course that was meaningless in the EC.


Its been obvious since Bush - v - Gore that the US Constitution is a failure, unable to contend with the strictly partisan behavior that has emerged in the aftermath of desegregation. All the anti-democratic structures put in place to defend the institution of slavery still bear down on us with an intolerable weight.

Even if Dems win this fall's elections and pass some kind of right to abortion into law, what will stop Sam Alito and the rest of those creeps from striking it down? Nothing, that's what. Its ironic, I guess, that our government's forms are converging with those of Iran.


@1 - now that was funny!


FFS are you telling me that so few men have gone through the simple act of getting snipped we still need to worry about this? So few men want kids anyway - a campaign to stop the excessive flow of viable jizz into vaginas is the way. Problem solved. Vasectomies for everyone! Get creative and tackle this another way. Offer up a free pick-up truck or Playstation for getting snipped.


Scottie and Alden both speak truth. I place as much blame for the overturning of Roe v. Wade on the Bernie Bros and anti-Hillary idiots on the left as I do the Trumpists and GQP on the right. Maybe more, because at least the right-wing nut jobs have a strategy and execute it. I'm not sure what we liberals are doing, except losing so god damn always - to paraphrase Will McAvoy.


Fun Fact: it was illegal for women to get banking services until then too.

So, if they "roll it back to the 1950s" there will be no rights.

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