After last week's Lovecast, some listeners were thrilled that I ignored the distressing Roe v. Wade leak and kept things sexy and fun. Unfortunately, this wasn't by design. ( I record my intro on Monday mornings, and the leak occurred Monday evening.) So this week, I dive headlong into abortion rights, and why this decision could have wide-ranging effects on interracial marriage, gay marriage, and even non-procreative sex between straight folks. So even if you think abortion doesn't affect you personally... it probably does!

Thankfully, we don't wallow in this news, and the episode takes a sexy and fun turn from there.

My first caller is a straight woman in a lovely marriage — except that when her in-laws visit, she starts searching for apartments and contemplating divorce. No, her in-laws are not rude or inconsiderate or (shudder) Trumpers. They're very nice actually. But they demand constant togetherness, and it's driving her crazy. What should she do?

Her nice in-laws are driving her to divorce with their obscene niceness.
Her nice in-laws are driving her to divorce with their obscene niceness.

Later in the episode, I welcome our new UK correspondence Rachel Cunliffe of The New Statesman, who reminds me—and my American listeners—that their government has sex scandals, too. A Conservative member of Parliament was caught watching porn. On the floor of the House of Commons. Twice! Rachel breaks down why this is such a big deal, you know, if you can't see why on your own.

And it's a rare double-guest week on the Magnum. A woman is desperate for a quiet vibrator—but does such a device exist? I invited bonafide vibrator sexpert Searah Deysach from Chicago's Early to Bed to give recommendations on finding this elusive toy…

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