Several of the candidates for King County Council released their latest campaign numbers today. Leaving aside their spin (I'll get to that in a minute) here are the numbers.

According to the Public Disclosure Commission, state Sen. Fred Jarrett (D-41) raised just under $43,000 in May. King County Council member Larry Phillips has reported right around $45,000 for May so far. State Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48) reported raising around $100,000. And KC council member Dow Constantine says he will report "around $60,000" for May.

Now, some caveats. 1) Jarrett's total includes nearly $9,100 in transfers from his previous campaign. 2) I've heard that Phillips's final total may be larger; I've got a call in to his campaign manager to find out if that's true. 3) Constantine and Hunter have not yet filed any paperwork with the Public Disclosure Commission for May, so those numbers are from the candidates themselves. And 4) Of Hunter's $100,000, about $38,000 is reportedly a transfer from his previous campaign.

Weird aside: Phillips was in such a hurry to report that his campaign had raised $17,000 in the last week of May, he sent out an unfinished press release. It read: "On Tuesday, we set an ambitious goal to raise $17,000 by midnight on May 31st. I am proud to say that XXX people responded and we not only met that goal, but we beat it!" The finished press release, which went out 11 minutes later, included no information about how many people had responded to Phillips' May 26 plea.

The four Democrats' Republican opponent, Susan Hutchison, has not filed any campaign-finance information for May.