I have no idea what this means.
  • I have no idea what this means.
Fantagraphics Books Blog directs us to this blog, which has discovered two lost Fletcher Hanks comic strips, about a boxer named Moe M. Down: King of the Canvas-Kissers.

If you haven't read I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! and its sister volume You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation!, you're in for a treat. Fletcher Hanks was a bad cartoonist at a time when comics publishers were starving for content. They would literally publish anybody as long as they could fill a deadline. Hanks stepped in with an array of characters (Stardust, the Space Wizard and Big Red McLane, a hunky lumberjack, among others) who have short adventures that make little to no sense. His omnipotent, all-powerful characters are right simply because the narrator says they are, even though they often sadistically torture their prey.

Hanks has often been called the Ed Wood of comics, but it's more than that. He's Ed Wood crossed with Henry Darger and Robert Crumb. You get the sense that in another time, maybe in an alternative comics framework, he'd be a genius, but his lack of enthusiasm for and interest in the dull morality of comics really shines through in his work. You should go enjoy these strips.