"This site takes images of Jesus and creatively adds the words of conservative religious, political and media figures to the image as if the words had been spoken by Jesus," says Slog tipper Greg. "When you click on the images you are linked to the actual source of the quotes, and the real idiot who spoke those words is revealed."

The above quote is Glenn Beck's. Visit Tea Party Jesus for Christ-like comments from Ken Hutcherson, Mike Huckabee, Sharron Angle, and Ann Coulter, and more. This one is my personal favorite...

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One of the founders of the anti-gay Family Research Council said that. Marital sex tends to the boring end while gay sex tends toward the, um, exciting end. Gee, I wonder how he knows...

King County Council is seeking to hire one or more Senior Legislative Analysts.
To apply & view a complete job announcement go to www.kingcounty.gov/jobs. Closes 4/26/21 at 11:59pm