We've enumerated the joys of Thai Curry Simple in the International District, where the curries are made of freshly mashed spices from Thailand, where the food is so affordable ($5 for lunch) you'll never want to eat anywhere else again, where the owners Picha and Mark are so damn adorable you'll want to marry them both.


Well, they're opening a second place on Capitol Hill. The former Barista Boyz coffee stand on 12th and Madison will be converted into a Thai hut of to-go awesomeness. "We got the lease signed last week and are working on fixing up the place and putting things together," owner and chef Picha Pinkaow writes in an email.

Unlike their other restaurant, "This one will be all veggies (GO GREEN!)," Pinkaow continues. "The highlight will be spinach green noodles served with red curry broth (Guiw Tiew Gank), similar to Kao Soi but more flavorful and healthier. This is an opportunity to bring back my favorite recipes, such as son-in-law tofu (tamarind + palm sugar), green curry with avocado and fresh basil puree, larb mock duck with mints and shallots, and more."

Pinkaow says they'll open up in November.