...another set of rules for everybody else?

Media Matters—back in April—posted this rundown of all the political donations and fundraisers hosted/enabled/made by Fox News "talent."

In recent years, at least twenty Fox News personalities have endorsed, raised money, or campaigned for Republican candidates or causes, or against Democratic candidates or causes, in more than 300 instances and in all 50 states.* Republican parties and officials have routinely touted these personalities' affiliations with Fox News to sell and promote their events.

I'm sure there are more current examples—how much more money did Fox News help to raise for the GOP and the Tea Party as November approached? News Corp gave millions of dollars to the GOP and the Chamber of Commerce in this election cycle alone. Has anyone at Fox News been suspended? Would anyone ever be suspended from Fox News?

MSNBC suspending Keith Olbermann for making a few political donations is absurd. One of the reasons Fox News is creaming your asses, CNN and MSNBC, is because you guys insist on playing by old, outdated, pre-Fox News rules, while they play by their own rules.

Man up, MSNBC, and put Olbermann back on the air now.

UPDATE: Some perspective from Steve Benen...

But before Olbermann's critics get on their high horse, a little context seems appropriate. The MSNBC host donated a total of $7,200 in checks to help three candidates. He did so in his personal capacity; he disclosed his contributions; and did not encourage others to support these campaigns.

At the same time, News Corp made multiple undisclosed donations to the Republican Governors Association, totaling at least $1.25 million, in addition to a $1 million contribution to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its pro-Republican election-year activities. Fox News has helped GOP candidates raise money on the air; Fox News personalities are featured guests at Republican fundraisers; while other Fox News personalities continue to help generate financial support for Republican candidates now, even after the elections.

I suspect Olbermann will take some heat over $7,200 in donations, but the qualitative and quantitative differences seem relevant here.

UPDATE 2: So it looks like political donations are IOIYAR—it's okay if you're a Republican—and they're not just IOIYAR for Republicans at Fox News. TPM:

MSNBC suspended host Keith Olbermann today, following revelations that he made campaign contributions to three Democrats in the elections—a violation of MSNBC policy. But a search of OpenSecrets.org reveals that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan have also made contributions to political campaigns. Here's what we found...

In March 2006, Scarborough, who hosts the show Morning Joe, gave $4200 to Derrick Kitts (R-OR). And, as the Daily Kos points out, a month later Kitts was a guest on Scarborough's show. Between 2005-2008, Pat Buchanan made five contributions to Republican candidates, totaling $2250.

TPM also found a couple of examples of NBC employees making small-scale donations to Dems. But if MSNBC is going to suspend Olbermann, they need to suspend Scarborough and Buchanan too. Scarborough's infraction—donating and then having the guy on his show—is, in fact, a much more serious one.