Because everybody loves a funeral... more info on these places (and on restaurants that are still open) over here.

· DEL REY in Belltown: Del Rey screamed Belltown so loud you could hear it for miles; now, silence. Stranger reader-reviewers will not be distraught; they found the bartenders “ASS!!”-y and the place “sleazy.” But it had a pretty vaulted ceiling, hottt trivia on Wednesdays, and truffle mac and cheese beloved by many.

RIP, Roy's.
  • RIP, Roy's.

· ROY’S BBQ in Columbia City: Roy’s served great barbecue and an excellent oyster po’boy in a small space for cheap. Roy’s is gone, for no particular reason. Booooooo.

· BALLARD BEST BBQ in (yes) Ballard: Lasted only two months in the Mr. Spot’s Chai House spot, per Maybe wasn’t the best BBQ.

· NOODLE RANCH in Belltown: Was there for 1,000 years, somewhat inexplicably; as one Stranger reader-reviewer opined, “I can’t believe Noodle Ranch took so long to close. Most dishes were greasy messes and I don’t think they washed the walls since they opened. Even their best dishes were poor imitations of what you can get in the ID for half the price.” Now Dope Burger.

· SINNERS & SAINTS in Fremont: Replaced by a ski-lodge-themed bar called Woodsky’s—the goldfish races, occasionally held in an upside-down, water-filled fluorescent light fixture, carry on.

· DULCES LATIN BISTRO in Madrona: Dulces was moving to Broadway’s Joule building, but now plans to join Oola Distillery at 14th and Union, per Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. Pritty Boys’ Family Pizzeria will take Dulces’ place, brought to you by the owners of Belltown’s Branzino, the Pritts.

· CASPER’S A TASTE OF THE SOUTH up North: Casper’s served alligator. Now it is no more. Watch out for alligators!

· AZZURRI VINO BAR in Fremont: This low-key espresso and wine bar showed non-American football with occasional decisive (and, as appropriate, derisive) commentary by awesome Italian proprietor Michele Zacco. The food, however, was not so awesome.

· CARNEGIE’S in Ballard: The reason for the closure of this somewhat stodgy European restaurant in Ballard’s lovely old library is unclear, but word is chef/owner Jerry Brahm is shopping for another space.

· NI SANDWICH on Capitol Hill: The cheap (and kinda dry) banh mi sandwiches and approximately 137 kinds of bubble tea here only lasted from mid-May to January.

· TOM YUM KOONG in West Seattle: Will become Bang Bar Thai, from the owner of Northgate’s well-liked Chaiyo Thai, according to West Seattle Blog.

· M STREET MARKET on First Hill: This was a grocery store, not a restaurant, but it was the only one on First Hill (and family owned, too), and it sucks that it’s gone. Tipper Maryann reports that a cashier said that a gigantor rent increase did M Street Market in—now it stands there empty.

· PHINNEY MARKET in Phinney Ridge: Rent reportedly also too damn high.

ALSO NOW CLOSED: 85th STREET DELI in Greenwood · A NEW YORK PIZZA PLACE in Maple Leaf · CHARLIE’S FLAME BROILED BURGERS in the Central District · KALLALOO in Columbia City · LUNCHBOX LABORATORY in Ballard (now in South Lake Union) · ROMIO’S in Greenwood (now Razzi’s Pizzeria) · TREEHOUSE BAR AND GRILL in Fremont (now Le Bon Ton Roulé)

ON HIATUS: CAMPAGNE in Pike Place Market: Getting a revamp, reopening in the nebulous spring/summer · THE CORSON BUILDING in Georgetown: "Closed for a bit of R&R" (but still serving Sunday suppers), reopening March 10 · THE CRUMPET SHOP in Pike Place Market: For earthquake-proofing and spiffing-up, set to reopen on April Fools’ Day

This post was assembled with the valiant assistance of Chow intern Rachel Eggers. Thanks, Rachel!