Not just rape threats—also threats of physical violence, fat-bashing, anti-gay slurs (um, Lindy's the most-not-lesbian person in America), pubic-hair hatred (?!), various other non-sequitors... it's really hard to comprehend all the bile and debasement and monkey poo being thrown Lindy's way for saying... wait, what'd she say again? Oh yeah, that guys who tell hacky, chauvinistic jokes about raping women are hacky chauvinists. That's all she said. Oh yeah, and that women who've been raped might be uncomfortable in crowds of people laughing about how hilarious rape is. CAN YOU BELIEVE HER?!!

Anyway: Watch this and try not to feel ashamed at the revoltingness of humanity.

(Nice piano, though!)

If you've been trapped in a glacier and are just joining us, read this and then read this and then watch this. If you ate too much lunch and would like to barf on yourself, check out the comments Lindy West gets on Jezebel or on Twitter day-in and day-out. I'm off to go unfollow a bunch of male comics on Twitter, but I leave you with a tweet from Lena Dunham: