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Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger
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The SECB is meeting right now with the candidates for King County Executive. That's Alan Lobdell on the left, Goodspaceguy in the middle, and "no drama" Dow Constantine on the right. Everett Stewart is outside the frame. Got a question for Goodspaceguy (or one of these jokers trying to steal his rightful throne), ask in comments, and the SECB will ask 'em.

UPDATE at 6:00 PM: Our meeting is over, and we didn't get around to many space-related questions, a fact that Goodspaceguy lamented. "There aren’t that many people interested in space," he told us. He also referred to tall buildings exclusively as "skyhomes." But we did ask if he had changed his name (he used to go by "Goodspaceguy Nelson"), and he explained that, in fact, his full name is still Michael George Goodpsaceguy Nelson. Which sounds a lot like Wham! star George Michael, we said. "I like stars," he replied, "both music stars and the stars in the sky."

But that's where Goodpsaceguy's decisiveness stopped. We plucked a question from the comments—a smart question raised by DOUG—which was: "When is Metro going to turnstile the bus tunnel? The back-up during rush hour of people fumbling for payment while they board the bus is excruciating."

Goodspaceguy had "no opinion" on this subterranean issue.

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Everyone else did. Everett Stewart declared that, yes, "absolutely," if pigs rocketed through a frozen hell in which he were elected King County executive, he would install turnstiles in the downtown transit tunnel "as soon as possible." Alan Lobdell also said, "yes," he would support turnstiles, but was reluctant to embrace a timeline.

Finally, Dow Constantine blew our bangs back when he said, "Yes, and this is something I have been pursuing with Metro and Sound Transit over the years." Still, he said, Sound Transit is set to take over the tunnel's operations and the transit agency's staff have been making "logistical arguments about why it is difficult." Constantine wouldn't commit to a timeline, but, obviously, he's got Goodspaceguy beat on this crucial issue.

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