Still haven't figured out what you're going to do? It's hard for me to say without knowing what you're into, but here are 13 ideas.

1. I don’t know much about Tony Millionaire, but I know one thing, he sure as hell wasn’t born with that name. He’s a cartoonist, so I think it’s safe to say he isn’t made of money, but this press release I’m looking at depicts him in one of those frilly-fronted tuxedo outfits, which signifies boundless wealth to my untrained eyes, and I respect him for this.

Courtesy of Fantagraphics
  • Courtesy of Fantagraphics

He’ll be at Fantagraphics with his new Sock Monkey Treasury on Saturday at 6 pm.

2. ZAPP!!! Whoa, it’s okay, I wasn’t actually zapping you. I was just using an acronym. Perhaps I should spell it out. Zine Archive and Publishing Project. “Zines are small, DIY magazines made by cool and youthful people,” I explained to the old man. “Must be hard to keep track of them,” he replied, skepticism spreading across his face. “Well, yes it is. But we’re archiving them now, old timer.” ZAPP is declaring its independence from the Hugo House, and they’re celebrating the occasion at Vermillion this Sunday at 7 pm.

3. Or maybe you feel like puttering over to Whidbey Island for a doubtlessly rainy weekend of sitting around slurping down shellfish? There will also be a beer garden. And maybe Whidbey’s in the rain shadow? The Penn Cove MusselFest mussels its way into Island County this Saturday and Sunday.

4. Prefer to stay on the continental US, but still hungry? Maybe you should head over to this gnocchi pop-up. Gnocchi gnocchi. Who’s there? Gnocchi. Gnocchi who? etc. Saturday only!

5. Do you ever just kick back and think to yourself, “mountain.” Like not Mt. Rainier, or Mt. Kilimanjaro, or Mt. Vesuvius, but just, like, “mountain...” It’s sort of a paradox to try to think of a concept in the abstract but also assign it a physical image, yet we do it all the time.

Courtesy of Platform Gallery
  • Courtesy of Platform Gallery

Stephen Hilyard’s piece Mountain at Platform Gallery is sort of like a that. You can see it on Saturday.

6. And if you want to see a movie? If I were you, I'd go see The Wind Rises at Cinerama, or Cousin Jules at The Grand Illusion, or Tim’s Vermeer at Sundance Cinemas.

Tim tries to paint a Vermeer with the aid of Tims gadgets. Classic Tim, right there.
  • Tim's Vermeer
  • Tim tries to paint a Vermeer with the aid of Tim's gadgets. Classic Tim, right there.

And what are Stranger staffers going to be doing this weekend? Good question. I had the same question myself. I took a stroll through the office and asked everyone who happened to be sitting at their desks what they're going to be doing this weekend, and here is what they said:

Christopher Frizzelle: "I'm having dinner at Tallulah's and sex with my boyfriend."
Kelly O: "Going to go to that crazy-ass drag thing tonight, TUCK."
Bethany Jean Clement "might go to Lottie's Lounge this weekend, a fine bar in Columbia City."
Charles Mudede: "Going to write at The Station on Beacon Hill."
Dave Segal: "I'm going to see a Canadian techno guy at the Monkey Loft on Saturday. And I'm seeing the Space Lady at Chop Suey on Sunday."
Brendan Kiley "is going to interview some restaurant owners in Chicago and some drug users in San Francisco, and see the play Black Vengeance at Ballard Underground."
Danielle Henderson: "I'm going to go see Girl Rising at SIFF."