For fourteen grueling, thrilling, exhausting and annoying weeks we have crawled together through the muddy mascara morass of triumphs and tears that was RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, and we are all doubtlessly thinking the exact same thing: a least fucking Courtney didn’t win.

We end, as per tradition, with the cast reunion episode, an enormous spectacle where the girls revisit the season’s dish. Here, watch:

They really put some time and cash into the finale this year—a magnificent pageant of glamour, glitz, and sweaty studs in their underwear. Highlights: The Pit Crew “made it rain,” Joslyn got surprised married by RuPaul herself (well, as much of a surprise as it could be—her very patient fiancé has been marching her down the aisle for three long years…her feet must be killing her), and Darienne and Ben tried to bury the hatchet, but it was clear as crystal waters that Miss Lake really wanted to bury it in Ben's face. I just hate her. Oh! And Michele Visage really dislikes LaGanja. Like, really, really.

But let us all take a brief moment—right now! Stop what you're doing! Including reading this!—to silently celebrate and reflect upon not only the emotional cheese-grater we were all just put through (oh, Ben! Why? WHY!?) but every magical moment that our ever-so robbed home girl BenDeLaCreme gave us before RuPaul went out of her bewigged little brains and sent her home instead of Diarrhea Leak Blue Velour Sofa Darienne Lake.

There. Wasn't that lovely?

BUT NOT JUST THAT! Let us also reflect upon the glorious journey and enduring legacy of the one and only Jinkx Monsoon, who I believe is and shall remain the most beloved and successful of Drag Race winners past and future, who last night passed on her crown. I teared up a bit, I am not ashamed to admit. She swept in majestically wearing a brilliant green “Emerald City” themed dress (a Jamie Von Stratton creation), the very picture of glamor and grace. She truly is a genius. (Practically Stranger certified!)

Also! Let's try not to dwell on the negatives (#teamdelacremeforever…sniff) or on what could have been. You know, like how wonderful it would have been for Seattle to have taken the tiara two years running (or more!) like we damn well should have and totally deserved to? Junk like that? At this juncture there's just no point. Let's face it.

Oh! But there was a silver lining in all of this: last night, to a roaring crowd (they almost blew the theater roof off, my god!), BenDeLa was named Miss Congeniality! She got a great big pink sash (that went flawlessly with her amazing gown by local designer Danial Hellman), the opportunity to give a teary-eyed thank-you speech (which she did), and $2,500 to spend at Overstock.com? Yup. $2,500 at Overstock.com. (I am in serious need of some new bath towels gurl, call me!) So that's pretty much second place, right? RIGHT?

Oh, did I mention that Bianca Del Rio, like, won and junk? Oh yeah. That.