Seattle musician Rafael Anton Irisarri (aka the Sight Below, half of the band Orcas) and his wife Rita, a clothing designer, were planning to move to Westchester County, New York today. They packed up their moving truck with all of their belongings and were intending to embark on the long journey to the East Coast on Memorial Day. Their plans have been majorly disrupted because their truck was stolen. Everything they own is gone, including all of Irisarri's masters, records, backups, instruments, recording gear, etc.

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Irisarri wrote in an email:

[W]e filed a claim with the SPD, but since I got a lot of easily fenced electronics, I was hoping you could post something on the [blog] and just ask people to be on the lookout for high value musical instruments, computers and studio gear on Craigslist or Ebay in the Seattle area.

I'm planning to compile a list of my entire studio today and post to my website, hoping someone sees anything at a pawn shop or somewhere else. What an epically shitty way to exit the city I love!

The truck is a 2007 Ford 17' U-Haul, Arizona license plate #AD29272. Officer Grayson at the SPD is handling the case. Phone: 206.684.4300. Incident #2014-164711.

UPDATE: Here is what appears to be video of the theft.

UPDATE 2: The graphic on the side of the truck looks like this.


Irisarri is also the organizer of Substrata experimental-music festival, which is scheduled to happen July 17-19 at Chapel Performance Space.