Gavia Baker-Whitelaw's writeup makes DashCon, an unofficial Tumblr convention held over the weekend in Illinois, sounds like the world's worst convention experience:

Over the course of one weekend, the organizers took $17,000 from conventiongoers as part of an emergency fundraising drive, failed to pay any of their high-profile guests, and attempted to compensate disappointed ticket-holders by offering them an “extra” hour in a children’s ball pit. The ball pit only fit around six people. There was apparently not a very long queue.

How did the convention get funded in the first place? Organizers crowdfunded $4,000 on Indiegogo, of course. There's so much more at the Daily Dot, including a hilarious bullet-pointed list of how terrible the convention turned out to be, that you should really read. Over the next few days, you'll likely see a few desperate think-pieces about how DashCon exemplifies the failings of internet culture and social media activism. That's one way to interpret it, I guess. More likely, it's just a shitty, ill-planned event that didn't work out the way anyone intended.