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Slog AM: Bezos Thinks You're Lazy, School Board Candidate Explains Why She Moved to Run, and SPD Voter Registration Issues Referred to County Prosecutor

This guy created a bunch of apps and chatbots to manage his employees and somehow youre the lazy one.
This guy created a bunch of apps and chatbots to manage his employees and somehow you're the lazy one. Phillip Faraone / GETTY

Bezos thinks you're lazy: And just to prove how NOT lazy he is, he built a company "heavily reliant on metrics, apps and chatbots" to manage people. That system "burned through workers, resulted in inadvertent firings and stalled benefits, and impeded communication, casting a shadow over a business success story for the ages," the New York Times reveals in a close look at an Amazon warehouse in New York during the pandemic.

The money shot: "Mr. Bezos believed that people were inherently lazy. 'What he would say is that our nature as humans is to expend as little energy as possible to get what we want or need.'" How did that manifest as company policy? "Guaranteed wage increases stopped after three years, and Amazon provided incentives for low-skilled employees to leave." All because he expected peoples' interest in the job to naturally wane.

King County Elections refers two SPD voter registration issues to county prosecutor's office: According to a spokesperson, the elections department referred the matter to prosecutors after two cops who registered to vote at precincts failed to respond to two letters asking them "update their address" or else "possibly face a voter registration challenge." County prosecutors will now determine whether to file a voter registration challenge, a quasi-judicial hearing to determine the facts of the case and to then "make a decision on the voter registration."

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Elections Department Will Refer Two SPD Voter Registration Issues to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

No longer a crime scene.
A possible crime scene. DAVID RYDER/GETTY IMAGES

In an email, a spokesperson for King County Elections said the department referred two "voter registration challenge" cases to the prosecutor's office after two cops who registered to vote at precincts each failed to respond to two letters asking them "update their address" or else "possibly" face a challenge.

County prosecutors will determine whether to file the registration challenge, which is just an administrative hearing to determine the facts of the case and then "make a decision on the voter registration."

The two officers involved are John Girtch and Terry Dunn. Elections lists Dunn's registration status as "inactive," which means he doesn't get a ballot mailed to him. According to a July report from the South Seattle Emerald, which broke the story last summer, Girtch registered at the West precinct and Dunn registered at the North precinct.

Girtch & Dunn, maybe the worst Western ever.

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Slog PM: Edouardo Jordan's Staff Quits, Fentanyl Deaths Flood California, Batman Doesn't Give Head

Jordan briefed his staff that the Seattle Times article was coming, but did not tell them how severe the allegations were, the Times reports.
Jordan briefed his staff that the Seattle Times article was coming, but did not tell them how severe the allegations were, the Times reports. JONATHAN VANDERWEIT

Edouardo Jordan's staff quits: Following a Seattle Times report that detailed the JuneBaby's chef's history of sexual harassment, nearly all of the staff at his restaurants quit.

In the Seattle City Council briefing this morning, council members gave their condolences to Seattle Police Department officer Alexandra Brenneman Harris who died on Sunday after a car hit her on I-5. Harris, who was off-duty at the time, had stopped to help the Washington State Patrol deal with a three-car pileup. When she exited her car, a fourth vehicle struck her. Then, one of the drivers involved in the three-car collision stole Harris's car. Councilmember Andrew Lewis said he felt an "extreme sense of loss and grief at losing a public servant under such horrible circumstances."

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Who Will Save Us from Kathy Lambert?

Tell me without telling me youre running to unseat a Republican on the Eastside
Tell me without telling me you're running to unseat a Republican on the Eastside Courtesy of the Campaigns

The fact that Republican King County Councilmember (and children's book author) Kathy Lambert represents any group of people in any capacity at all is wild, but the fact that she represents King County District 3 is flatly ridiculous.

Her district—which represents Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah, and large swaths of unincorporated areas in the northeast—has been turning a bluer shade of purple over the years thanks to changing demographics and shifting suburban sensibilities.

In the 2020 presidential primary, more people here voted for Bernie Sanders than for Donald Trump. In the general, Joe Biden beat Trump by nearly 60,000 votes. Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman only won the district by 1,500 votes, and Tim Eyman's transit-killing initiative failed by over 3,000 votes.

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The Gita Robot Might Save Seattle's Unloved Sidewalks

Will the Gita robot finally bring SDOT love to our sidewalks?
Will the Gita robot finally bring SDOT's love to our sidewalks? Bellen Drake

To get a sense of how unloved our sidewalks are, we only need to visit the website that the Seattle Department of Transportation devotes to them.

Though sidewalks are the "building blocks of an effective pedestrian network," and though Seattle has 2,000 miles of them, SDOT admits that "many areas in the city do not have sidewalks at all."

In the first paragraph, we already have a sense of gloom and doom.

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Who's Responsible for Those Little Robots Rolling Down Seattle Sidewalks Lately?

Seattle chef Tarik Abdullah and a friend.
Seattle chef Tarik Abdullah and a friend. Piaggio Fast Forward

The Stranger would like to hereby extend our greetings and pledge obedience to our coming robot overlords. If you’ve been out and about lately in any of Seattle’s flatter neighborhoods, you might’ve seen brightly-colored two-wheeled robots tootling down the sidewalk like they own the place — and perhaps, someday, they will.

The robots are called "Gita" (with a soft G, so get ready for pronunciation fights reminiscent of the GIF wars), and Piaggio, the company that makes Vespa scooters, makes them. They’re basically simple cargo-bots, capable of lugging 45 pounds of stuff and then following a human companion — all for the reasonable price of $3,250.

Here at The Stranger offices we’re obsessed with these weird little things — keep your eyes out for a Mudede piece later this afternoon about the robots, as we’ve been puzzling over them together for the last week. One of our biggest head-scratchers: How is this three thousand dollars better than pushing a cart by hand?

“We’re doing something new for the first time so, I understand why people are unsure,” says Lisa Bagaco-Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer of Piaggio’s Fast Forward division.

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The Best Things to Do from Home in Seattle This Week: June 14-20, 2021

Pacific Northwest Ballet will bid adieu to some of its principal dancers at its Digital Season Encore this weekend.
Pacific Northwest Ballet will bid adieu to some of its principal dancers at its Digital Season Encore this weekend. Courtesy PNB

It's a triple-hitter this week with Father's Day (Sun June 20), Juneteenth (Sat June 19), and the summer solstice (Sun June 20) on the calendar. See our picks for ways to celebrate the latter two occasions (and other stuff!) on the internet, from the national book launch of In the Heights: Finding Home to the Chase the Light Pop-Up Exhibition, and from STG's BIPOC-focused spoken-word program Elevate to the Northwest African American Museum's Juneteenth Week. Plus, explore our complete guides to June events and COVID-safe in-person things to do in Seattle.


Annette Gordon-Reed with Marcus Harrison Green: The History and Future of Juneteenth
A few days before the anniversary of the end of legalized slavery in the U.S. (and which was finally declared a state holiday in Washington this year), Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annette Gordon-Reed will join South Seattle Emerald's Marcus Harrison Green to share insights from her new book, On Juneteenth.

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Seattle Loses Bill Kennedy, The Best Friend a Movie Lover Could Ever Have

Bill being Bill...
Bill being Bill... Facebook

William "Bill" Kennedy, who died on June 10 at the age of 61, loved movies more than anyone I ever met. He had many interests, and movies were hardly the only thing we ever talked about. We also talked about books, politics, family, food, cats—you name it. I would have wanted to be his friend, even if we didn’t have movie love in common, but I probably wouldn't have met him otherwise, and I'm incredibly grateful that I did. I'm also heartbroken, because he was my best friend for over 15 years, and now he's gone.

For accuracy’s sake, I should note that I don’t think Bill necessarily considered me his best friend, but rather one of them, because he had several, and he wasn’t the kind of guy to rank relationships. Nonetheless, he had friendships that ran deeper than ours, because they went back a lot further and encompassed more significant events, from lost loves to the deaths of his parents (like me, he was an only child). While I’ve drifted away from friends over the years, Bill made fast friends, and he held on to them. It’s a remarkable feat. Having gotten the opportunity to get to know some of his closest friends, especially once his heath started to decline in 2019, I can see how lucky he was. How lucky we were.

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Calling all filmmakers, journalists, and amateur Nancy Drews!

Do you have a great scoop? What about an interesting take? Is it time to scream your singular truth? Are you ready to give the world a reality check? Have you been working on a non-fiction story during the endless hours of quarantine? Well, get it on film and send it to SCOOP!

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Submit your film by October 18 for a chance to be part of the 1st Annual SCOOP! premiering this November. Reminder: This is a documentary film fest, so we’re dealing with facts here. Don’t make shit up.

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Let's get on with it! Serve us your scoops, Sloggers!

New Comic: The Particular Magic of In-Person Art

Slog AM: Durkan Blocked Better Transparency Proposals, Critical Race Theory Could Be Anywhere, and This Guy Says a Whale Ate Him

Mayor of leaving an entire city on read
Mayor of leaving an entire city on read nortonrsx / getty images

Jenny Durkan repeatedly blocked text-message archiving. For two years, city departments told the Durkan administration that they needed some money — not much, under a million — to improve the archiving of text messages in order to comply with state law. And for two years, the Durkan administration shot them down. Now here we are, with texts from last year’s tumultuous summer mysteriously missing! What are the odds??? Anyway, this sure does look bad for Durkan, but just imagine how much worse whatever it was she wrote could have been.

Is it time to stop talking about eating the rich metaphorically? A new report indicates that the wage gap between CEOs and everyone else widened dramatically during the pandemic. (The CEO of Doordash, for example, got nearly half a billion dollars last year. I do not say he “earned” half a billion because no human is capable of actually earning such wealth.) CEO payouts increased by a little over 14 percent, while everyone else’s wages went up by less than 2 percent. In unrelated news, the people of Tlatelcomila cooked humans in a mix of annatto, pipián, and chilies.

Over two dozen people say local celeb chef Edouardo Jordan subjected women to sexual misconduct. The Seattle Times spoke to 28 people who say Jordan touched or harassed female employees. He says he tried to kiss one woman on a business trip and doesn’t remember any of the other allegations. Jordan’s restaurants include Salare, which is closing July 3, and also soon-to-merge Lucinda Grain Bar and JuneBaby.

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Hey Genius! Test How Much You Know About Seattle with Our Newest Pop Quiz!

My, what a tight brain.

Are you under the impression that you're "smart"? Do you think you're well-versed in what's happening around Seattle? Well, prove it to yourself and the world by taking SEATTLE'S ONLY POP QUIZ—a new, weekly quiz chock-full of tough, fun, multiple-choice questions about stories that popped up in Seattle during the past week.

Before we begin, let's check in to see how the majority of you did with the last quiz... Well! More than 700 people (!!) took last week's quizzy, and the majority of you scored around, uh, 40 percent, falling into the "frankly, I have a soggy brain" category.

We were going to say something nice and encouraging, but considering how many of you voted that Portland has a better park system than Seattle, we're not going to say anything nice at all. But we will try to make this week's quiz a little easier.

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Art Mailbox: Scarecrow Will Reopen for Browsing, Kremwerk Will Reopen for Raving, and Linda's Does Drag Now

This could be you this weekend.
This could be you at the pop-up this weekend. Courtesy of Novella Gallery

First up, a little housekeeping: There won't be a Slog PM news round-up on the blog today. We're a tad busy. Candidates running for office are currently dueling in front of our editorial staff in back-to-back-to-back endorsement showdowns, consuming our time and patience. It's not all fighting—one candidate just asked another candidate out on a date. In front of us! Things are getting weird!

The mothership is finally reopening: The Kremwerk Complex announced yesterday that they will host LIVE and IN-PERSON events for the first time in over a year. On Pride weekend—June 24 to 27—Little Maria's, Timbre Room, and The Patio will open for the gays and girlies and thems to celebrate. Then the following weekend—July 2 to 4—the beloved subterranean space, Kremwerk, will swing open its doors to the sweaty masses. The complex has yet to officially announce specific events and health protocols that will come along with its grand reopening. Watch this space for more info!

Also reopening: This week the Neumos complex announced their Official Reopening Party on July 1. You can catch Chong the Nomad and Archie down at Barboza, Spirit Award's album release up at Neumos, and The Double Sunrise Club at The Runaway. Tickets are on sale right now. Prepare to party hard this July.

Michael Rietmulder at the Seattle Times interviewed some venue operators around town about their scramble to ready their spaces for the July reopening.

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This Week in Seattle Food News: Milk Drunk Reopens For Indoor Dining, A Sandwich Spot Lands in SoDo, and Cafe Racer Is Coming to Capitol Hill

The fried chicken and soft-serve destination Milk Drunk is back open for indoor dining.
The fried chicken and soft-serve destination Milk Drunk is back open for indoor dining. Milk Drunk

This week, Milk Drunk is back open for indoor dining, a new sandwich joint arrives in SoDo, and Cafe Racer is coming to Capitol Hill. Read on for all of that and more of the latest culinary intel. For more ideas, check out our food and drink guide.


Fan Tang Cafe
This Northwest-inspired Hunan restaurant opened a Kirkland location on Tuesday. (The spot also has a Southcenter location, which has been temporarily closed to prepare for the opening.) The menu includes bowls, noodles, soups, salads, wontons, small plates, and more.
Pickup, delivery, or limited indoor seating

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Let’s Build a Park on This Reclaimed Freeway Crater

Wish you were here.
Wish you were here. Downtown Residents Alliance

There are hints of a nice new neighborhood stroll coming soon to Belltown, but first the state of Washington has to mess it all up.

The eagle eyes of Queen Anne Greenways spotted something strange at the corner of Bell St and Western Ave: a pretty new concrete curb, laid down with no ADA-accessible ramp. On its own, it doesn’t look like much; just another irritating failure to accommodate pedestrians.

But wait: It’s not the city’s fault, says Seattle traffic engineer Dongho Chang. “Old SR 99 connection to Battery St restored by our WSDOT partners,” he notes. “Believe we'll be extending Bell Street Park improvements here. It'll be nicer for people.”

Oh? Really? Will it indeed? Because it’s pretty lousy right now.

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