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Take a Break and Read a Fucking Poem: "What Work Is" by Philip Levine

With upwards of 30 million Americans unemployed, some economists are laying out bleak predictions about how many jobs will return and what will be left of them.

"It took us ten years—between 2009 and 2019—to create 22 million jobs. And we’ve lost 30 million jobs in two months," says NYU economics professor Nouriel Roubini in an interview with New York Magazine. "When they start slowly rehiring some of them (not all of them), those workers are going to get part-time jobs, without benefits, without high wages. That’s the only way for the corporates to survive. Because they’re so highly leveraged today, they’re going to need to cut costs, and the first cost you cut is labor," he added.

Meanwhile, insane MAGA hats and small businesses owners who are understandably concerned about their survival due to a lack of adequate assistance from the federal government are calling for the Governor to prematurely lift lockdown orders. But, for the umpteeth time, who is going to patronize these newly open shops? Nobody who doesn't want to spread a deadly disease, which is still ranging across the country.

The hard but obvious answer here is we all need to stay home and demand that our representatives pay us for doing so, but we'd all have to demand that. The reason why Trumpian Republicans won't is because they don't know what work is in the sense that former U.S. Poet Laureate Philip Levine means it in "What Work Is." You can find the poem in his book, which is also called What Work Is, available at local bookstores.

A few notes:

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Slog PM: Twitter Fact-Checks Trump, Americans Will Celebrate Summer Even If It Kills Them, George Floyd Said "I Can't Breathe"

Youre a decade late, Jack.
You're a decade late, Jack. Twitter screenshot

Happy Monday Tuesday! Nathalie Graham will pop in here in a second to give you some updates from a Washington State Department of Health presser this afternoon, but first...

Twitter fact-checks Trump for the very first time: Early Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted out misinformation about how mail-in ballots would cause the November presidential election to be rigged. Then, late Tuesday, Twitter did what many had thought was unthinkable for the tech company: they fact-checked their biggest user. Twitter added warning links urging people to "get the facts about mail-in ballots." The links lead to this page, below, which links to factual reporting.


Remember George Floyd: A graphic bystander video published on Facebook on Monday night showed a Minneapolis police officer kneeling on a handcuffed black man's neck, after he pleaded that he could not breathe and stopped moving. The man, later identified as 46-year-old George Floyd, died in police custody. Clearly, there are immediate comparisons to Eric Garner. The four Minneapolis police officers involved have been fired, reports AP, and the death is under investigation by the FBI.

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WA’s “War on Drugs” is failing. New approach: with proven solutions and effective treatment

Yes! Put Treatment First in WA! Paid for by Treatment First Washington, PO Box 9100, Seattle WA 98109 | Top 5 Contributors: American Civil Liberties Union of Washington |

WA’s drug laws have failed. Jailing people for substance use disorder only makes things worse.

“Prison isn’t the place where you get clean,” says Monisha Harrell, E.D. of Equal Rights Washington.

Harrell supports a new approach. I-1715, Treatment First WA, would replace the failed "War on Drugs" with better access to effective treatment and recovery services, like 24/7 triage centers and mental health care. Now voters are signing I-1715 from home.

Sign up here.

Councilmember Lewis Just Tried to Subpoena Another Government Entity

You ever get left on read by your local public health entity?
You ever get left on read by your local public health entity? Lester Black

First-year Councilmember Andrew Lewis made an out-of-left-field motion at the end of a pretty standard Seattle City Council meeting Tuesday. Lewis is the chair of the Select Committee on Homelessness Strategies & Investments. There's a highly anticipated meeting tomorrow where the council will hear legislation from Councilmember Tammy Morales that will restrict homeless encampment sweeps during COVID-19.

Lewis has been trying, unsuccessfully, since last week to get Seattle & King County Public Health Director Patty Hayes, who is already listed as a panelist on the meeting's agenda, to show up to speak tomorrow, he said.

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The 44 Best Social Distancing-Friendly Things To Do in Seattle This Week: May 26-28, 2020

The American Museum of Natural History will host SpaceFest at Home on Wednesday in honor of the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch—the first-ever commercial aircraft to send NASA astronauts to space. Watch the event with commentary from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and other experts, who will go live even if the launch is postponed due to bad weather.
The American Museum of Natural History will host SpaceFest at Home on Wednesday in honor of the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch—the first-ever commercial aircraft to send NASA astronauts to space. Watch the event with commentary from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and other experts, who will go live even if the launch is postponed due to bad weather. Courtesy of NASA

The three-day Memorial Day weekend is over, which means this week is 24 hours shorter (that's just math!). To give you something to look forward between now and Friday, we've rounded up the latest, most exciting stuff popping up on the internet this week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms—from a virtual High Dive concert with Guayaba to the Portland Mercury's I, Anonymous Live, and from a group book launch party with Corinne Manning, Kristen Millares Young, and EJ Koh to The Roast of Peaches Christ. Find even more events on our complete streaming events calendar, and check back on Friday for a roundup of the best local virtual events this weekend.


Hannah Gadsby's 'Douglas'
Last year (Jesus was it really only one year ago?) Hannah Gadsby—after successfully upending the world of stand-up for a hot minute with her Netflix special Nanette—retired, then unretired, then embarked on her first world tour, which sold out every stop (including two shows at the Moore here in Seattle). Douglas is now coming to Netflix, and it differs from Nanette in that there isn't a show-stopping ending that turns your heart inside out (Gadsby addresses that expectation pretty early on), but it's also a more finely-tailored, comfortable, and confident hour of stand-up, one that touches on the controversy of male comics completely disqualifying Nanette as stand-up at all, somewhere before she turns the whole concert into a renaissance art lecture. According to Gadsby, "It's gonna be good! Unless you don't like it! Then it's still gonna be good, and you'll be wrong." BOBBY ROBERTS

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She's Crushing Hard on Someone She's Never Met and Wants a Temp Check on Her Tits

Due to sheltering at home for over two months I am isolated and sad. Shocking, I know. I live alone and was laid off in March so I've had nothing but time as of late. Enter Online Crush Dude, a friend I recently met online who lives far away and with whom I've been chatting quite a bit in a very intimate way. We have a great connection, vibe perfectly, and trade banter on every subject from preferred porn genres to movies.

I enjoy his company a lot and after finding out that our sexual preferences sync up perfectly it's been difficult to fantasize about anything other than him. That combined with my isolation has developed this into a major crush and I'm honestly wondering if I should pursue it or ride it out till I have some semblance of a life again and judge this/him based on the merits then. Do I mention this to him, ask him if he's feeling the same, and pursue this sexy bastard? Or do I chill my fucking tits and see if it's just quarantine cabin fever talking? Thanks so much for your work, this bi bitch appreciates it deeply.

Breaking Into Totally Complete Heat

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Currently Hanging: Cady Bogart on Comet Tavern

If this isnt me in quarantine!
Feeling very seen by this mural. Jasmyne Keimig
This is one of my favorite quarantine murals in the Pike/Pine corridor. Painted by Seattle artist Cady Bogart, the medium-sized mural covers the windows of the east side of the Comet Tavern's storefront. It's almost as if Bogart snuck inside my house and painted me eating my Quarantine Snack of choice, Hot Cheetos, and watching 90 Day Fiancé (to be clear, she did NOT). This isn't Bogart's first mural; she most recently painted a huge brightly colored one on the side of the Sheraton in Belltown last summer. Though the one on the Comet is a much smaller scale, it's similarly playful with the unexpected contrast of pastel colors and soft, fleshy forms. Check out more of Bogart's work here.
Quaran-tasty is a great drag name.
"Quaran-tasty" is a great drag name. JK

Last Chance! Buy a Pride T-Shirt Featuring Seattle Queens!

Were celebrating Pride this year by selling our popular Pride t-shirt!
We're celebrating Pride this year by selling our popular Pride t-shirt! Buy them RIGHT HERE!

The Stranger has celebrated Pride since its godforsaken inception. Our yearly Queer Issue, one of our longtime favorites, has featured Jinkx Monsoon on RuPaul, Justin Vivian Bond on the t-word, and Edmund White on getting peed on. Last summer, staff writer Jasmyne Keimig highlighted burlesque performer Briq House (you can call her "Goddess"). Here's a cute picture of all of us:
Ms. Briq House (left), our Pride Issue cover star, poses with The Strangers Jasmyne King (center right) who wrote a feature on the educator, sex-work advocate, and burlesque performer.
Ms. Briq House (left), last year's Queer Issue cover star, poses with The Stranger's Jasmyne Keimig (center right) who wrote a feature on the "educator, sex-work advocate, and burlesque performer." Timothy Kenney

We've covered a lot of ground, but until last year we had never marched in the Seattle Pride Parade.

To celebrate popping our Pride Parade cherry, we asked Seattle-area queens Beau Degas, Miss Texas 1988, and Juan Keyai to join us on the parade route. We also made a very limited number of t-shirts to wear for the parade, with a fun design illustrated by Rachelle Abellar.

Three queens, Juan Keyai (left), Miss Texas 1988 (center right), and Beau Degas (right), pose with Stranger Digital Editor Chase Burns. Peep the custom t-shirts!
Three queens, Juan Keyai (left), Miss Texas 1988 (center right), and Beau Degas (right), and me, wearing our original custom t-shirt. This year, we updated the design and t-shirt quality! Timothy Kenney

We received tons of requests from readers who wanted to buy these shirts, and now—!!!—the world has a rare two-week opportunity to snag them. They're the perfect thing to wear to a digital Pride party.

Let's get a closer look at that image...

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Legendary Debuts on HBO Tomorrow, But First You Must Watch The Queen

Shes beautiful and she knows shes beautiful.
She's beautiful and she knows she's beautiful. The Queen

Tomorrow, HBO debuts a new ballroom competition show called Legendary, which looks something like POSE meets Great British Bakeoff. Drag houses walk a runway, get judged, and vogue week by week towards a fabulous grand prize—but of course, HBO did not invent ballroom, houses, or voguing.

As we wait for the debut episode to drop, now’s a perfect time to dive into some ballroom history. You’ve probably already seen Paris Is Burning, the vital 1990 documentary. But let’s jump back a little further to its predecessor, 1968’s The Queen. Or, if you’re feeling particularly historical, let’s trace the roots of drag balls even further back … to the 1860s.

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Stranger EverOut Presents: Takeout Tuesdays!


Happy Tuesday! Like we did last week, we've partnered with a selection of local restaurants and eateries to bring you this sponsored list of to-go options and deals available this week. Read on for details on everything from Levantine food to taco kits.

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Here's What's Going to Happen

The sweet squirt of christ.
The sweet squirt of Christ. Getty Images

What's in store for us? We're self-isolating and trying to figure it out. This week: a $200 million dollar money hole, Christ squirts, and personalized reality TV.

Churches will be the center of the next wave of outbreaks. Organized religion has always been the country's flaming sword and its Achilles' heel. It has led us into foolish crusades in the Middle East, immiserated its parishioners, whitewashed white supremacy, perpetuated the subjugation of women, oppressed LGBTQ communities, covered for child rapists, tricked people into scammy health care markets, and forced billions to read bad translations of exceptionally bad Greek writing. Now its houses of worship will prolong a deadly pandemic because a bunch of death cultists can't handle one more month of Zoom meetings.

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Washington's Plan to Re-Open Tattoo Studios Is Flawed

Laughing Buddhas old space at Broadway and Pine, where they were located for three years. Theyre reopening just a few blocks away.
Laughing Buddha's former space at Broadway and Pine, where they were located for three years. They're about to re-open a few blocks away. Courtesy of Laughing Buddha

“In general, don’t get a tattoo right now,” says Christy Lillian Opal, owner of Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Body Piercing studio.

That can’t be an easy thing for her to say. As a longtime fixture of Seattle’s body art community, Christy’s entire career is built around tattooing. But that expertise has made it clear to her that the business she desperately wants to re-open just isn’t safe right now.

In fact, she thinks the state's making a big mistake in allowing studios like hers to re-open soon.

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Savage Lovecast: Kink and Race with the Mighty Blaksyn


A married couple in an open relationship used to enjoy glory holes at play parties. Then along came some COVID-19. But did that stop them? Hell no! They grabbed the kids' old sheets and made a home glory hole. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about, America!

A man's mother died when he was 13, and his father quickly remarried. He found a letter revealing that his father and step-mother had been having an affair before his mother died. Now what? His dad is sick and old. Should he confront him about it?

On the Magnum version of the show, Dan interviews BDSM educator BlakSyn about kink and race play. How can you use words with a history of trauma, in a transformative, consensual way? Is it ever OK to use the word "slave?" What about the N-word?

And, a 60-year-old man whispers about how he came 7 times the other night. He just wants you to know this.

A snippet:

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Slog AM: Dr. Doom Predicts Decade of Depression, Racist Dog Walker on Leave, UW Medicine Furloughs 4,000

Brb, gotta get 18 holes in before we hit 100,000 deaths.
Brb, gotta get 18 holes in before we hit 100,000 deaths. CHIP SOMODEVILLA / STAFF

Trump golfs as nation mourns: Trump called for churches to resume in-person services immediately on Friday. But instead of popping a couple of hydroxies and sitting in a pew on Sunday, he hit the links at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, VA, reports the Washington Post. Meanwhile, the national coronavirus death toll rose to almost 100,000 over the weekend, a milestone the President said we wouldn't cross.

If you didn't read the New York Times feature on the ~100,000 dead: Read it over lunch.

The current COVID-19 numbers in Washington: On Monday evening, the number of deaths rose to 1,070 and the number of cases rose to 20,065. Infection counts have been hovering around 200 per day since mid-April.

Dr. Doom predicts a decade-long depression: In an interview with New York Magazine that makes me want to take up smoking again, Nouriel Roubini, the New York University economics professor who correctly predicted the 2008 housing crisis, said he foresees a U-shaped recovery in the near-term and a "Greater Depression" thereafter. He persuasively argues that the 16% to 25% of unemployed Americans will only be able to find part-time work as businesses begin to reopen and cut labor costs to save money while doing so. Lower wages will lead to less consumer spending, slowing recovery.

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A Message to the City from Elby Brosch

Elby Brosch is a dancer and choreographer.
Elby Brosch is a dancer and choreographer. Courtesy of Elby Brosch

Good morning. We hope you made the most of your holiday weekend... [checking notes]... sitting at home.

For today's message, we turn to someone who's really good at turns, the dancer and choreographer Elby Brosch. For whatever reason—maybe it's because of Ken Jennings's message a couple months back, maybe it's because we're all glued to our TVs these days—Elby's had Jeopardy! on the brain.

As you will be able to tell from watching this...

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Coworker's Boobs Zoom Into View


Here's a question for our coronavirus times that isn't, "Can we hook up yet?" With my whole company working from home, I was recently in a small group Zoom meeting when one coworker, unaware that her camera was on, moved her phone/tablet/laptop and in the process panned across her bare chest. One of the other participants told her that her camera was on, and she immediately switched it off, with a lot of flustered apologies and oh-my-Gods. After a minute or two, the meeting went on as if nothing had happened.

The coworker in question is someone I respect and like as both a colleague and a person. I'm a gay guy and fairly worldly, so seeing bare breasts doesn't give me an adolescent thrill or the pearl-clutching wobblies. But because this is someone I work with, I feel like this may be an elephant in the room as we go forward. I'd hate for her to be thinking that I'm snickering behind her back or thinking badly of her when really my heart goes out to her. Is there a way to address this and let my colleague know that I'm supportive and sympathetic without bringing what has to be a horribly embarrassing experience back to the forefront? Or should this just remain a "let us never speak of this again" situation?

This Is Terribly Squicky

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