We did it!

SPLIFF, our new film festival made by the stoned for the stoned, debuted in Seattle, Portland, Denver, and San Francisco to over 3,000 stoners (and non-stoners!) in its first year. We received films (four minutes and twenty seconds or less!) from all around the world. Our inaugural lineup was hilarious, weird, sexy, trippy, and unlike any stoner films we'd seen before. Together, we watched spaceships, Rihanna-inspired blunt tutorials, dancing boobs, Australians, puppets, ASMR candy sandwiches... and, by the time our highs chilled out, you all overloaded our bong-shaped ballot boxes full of your votes.

You voted for your favorite films in four categories—Trippiest, Funniest, Stupidiest, and Best in Show—awarding over $10,000 in cash prizes directly to the filmmakers and performers.

And the SPLIFF! Awards go to...

Trippiest, $2,000
Fully Froggo

Funniest, $2,000
Candy Sandwich

Stupidiest, $2,000
Kevin’s Proclamation

Best in Show, $5,000

Thank you to everyone who made and submitted a film to the first ever SPLIFF Film Fest and congrats to all the winners!