Stickers Jul 28, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Seattle Sticker Patrol: This Is Bananas!

I Don't Even Have to Specify; Everything is Bananas Right Now

Jess Stein

This Could Really Be About Anything

I mean, have you seen the state of the world recently? / JK

Here's the obligatory Gwen Stefani song that immediately popped into my head when I saw this sticker. The 2000s were wild:

Not Technically a Sticker...

Spotted on 23rd. 

... but truly captured my feelings from over this whole pandemic. 

Seen In South Lake Union 

Someone (perhaps rightfully) tried to scratch this off. / JK

I'm only upset because I had to look up the meaning of Hershey Highway, lol. 

My Anxiety Talking to Me

Do you see the Grim Reaper in the background. / JK

Love this sticker. If you know who did it, you know where to find me.

This Sticker Will Soon Be Illegal in 13 States

Bumper stickers are an essential part of Sticker Patrol. / JK

I don't hate babies, but would honk just for fun :) 

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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