Where's Mr. Robot When You Need Him? 

Seriously! JK

It's so funny to me that hackers attack things like emails and passwords on websites and not, like, Navient or Sallie Mae or something. Talk about doing something that will greatly impact society—deleting everyone's debt! But, whatever. (To be clear, I'm not advocating for that specific crime, I just find it INTERESTING.)

This One Is Going to Make People Mad

Spotted in Queen Anne. JK

But it's true! Traffic deaths are out of control in Seattle. Show a little compassion for the unhoused why dontcha. 

This Was Taken in the Pony Bathroom

I wasn't doing anything sneaky in there, okay. JK

The design of this sticker is phenomenal. Imagine the society we would live in if we didn't overfund police departments. 

A Little Shakespeare for Ya Ass 

Love getting hit with some profundity on my walk. JK

There's not enough space in Sticker Patrol to get into the philosophical meanings of the phrase, but there IS enough space to insert Sir Anthony Hopkins as King Lear in this column. Hopkins will always have a place in Sticker Patrol:

Love an Office Meme

Get it? JK

One of my friends referenced this phrase just yesterday, unprompted. I'm being followed around by "That's what she said."

King of the Hill Spotting

Bobby shouldn't be drinking PBR! JK

I've never watched King of the Hill, but should I start? I very easily found this clip of Bobby drinking a 40 ounce, lol. It's Christmas-themed, too! Happy holidays!

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