I Never Went to Bible School...

Been thinking a lot about this one. JK

For some reason I thought that the New Testament was freakier than the Old Testament. Christians, can you help? Thanks for this sticker, Chunky Brewster!

Don't Show This to the Seattle Times Editorial Board 

They'd get scared! JK

Saw this right outside of that new arcade bar, Time Warp.

Located Right Next to the One Above...

I love how many King of the Hill stickers there are around Seattle. JK

I need to watch this show, clearly. From "The Fat and the Furious" episode. 

Queer Slut? Yeah, I Know a Few.

Cutie. JK

I was recently talking with someone about how we're deep in Cuffed Season. Meaning, everyone is boo'd up with a partner or FWB, nesting in these cold times. I'm ready for spring, when all those relationships formed out of fear of being alone in the Big Dark start to thaw and everyone is in their Hoe Phase for the summer once again. The best time!

Spotted: In the Dino's Bathroom

FWIW, the toilet was clean when I got there. JK

Love the addendum to the sticker. It really adds to it. 

To America: 


I know this is talking about literal seeds, but I can't help thinking about this Roots song, which is about that other type of seed. It's so fucking good:

Hope This Reaches The Person That Needs to Hear It

A lesson I understand more as I get older. JK

Love always comes back! In some form or the other. Hope you have a good weekend. :)

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at jkeimig@thestranger.com.