Stickers Feb 17, 2023 at 10:30 am

Seattle Sticker Patrol: WWJD?

He Is Risen... to Dole Out Some Punches


Did Jesus Box?

Honestly... correct... JK

Can you imagine Jesus living in the current day? There are so many people he would punch: bankers (duh), literally every politician, the entire cast of Fox News, every single cop, etc., etc. Thanks, Justice Brewing!

If There's One Thing to Remember...

And trust me, there's plenty of it around here. JK

As winter starts to very slowly thaw and people begin to uncuff themselves from their seasonal boo, the risk of traveling for mediocre dick is extremely high. Be careful! Thanks, Chunky Brewster

What Do You Need Right Now?

Ribbit, as they would say. JK

The other day I was trying to remember the difference between "frog" and "toad" in Spanish ("rana" vs. "sapo"), and it sent me off on a spiral on what exactly differentiates a frog from a toad. I came to find out that all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads. The more you know! Thanks, Ariel in Eve!

Lenin with Cat

Regardless of who owns them, I think all cats are communists. I mean, come ON! JK

Vladimir really loved his kitties!

Protect Trans Youth

Spotted on Capitol Hill. JK

And while we are at it, fuck the New York Times. Sign the open letter condemning their coverage of trans people and issues written by NYT contributors here

Literally Every Dog in Seattle 

Forgot where I saw this one! JK

Stop placating your extremely reactive dog! Don't bring them to parks and take them off the leash! Pick up their shit!!!!

Speaking of Dog Shit

We love you, Divine. JK

Watch a John Waters movie this weekend why dontcha?

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