RIP Lavender Country

Fucking same. JK

In this house, we love Patrick Haggerty. Rest in peace my friend. Hope wherever you are now, you're not crying any cocksuckin' tears. 

Dripped Out Luigi

Listen, I'd date him. JK

Thanks BBoyGage. Where can I get the mushroom chain, though?

Spotted on First Hill

🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷 JK

In Memphis, TN, cops arrested a man for eating two bags of chips someone else stole from a convenience store after seeing crumbs on his face. Protect and serve amirite!??!?!??!?!?!??!

Me to All My Friends

And I mean that lovingly. I'm not a bully. JK

Dumb homos in my life saved my spirit, to be quite honest!

Mmmmmm Get It?

Love this one. JK

Thanks Justice Brewing/Natalie MC

Well, Bunny, IDK

Me every day upon waking. JK

Kinda reminds me of that one pin from The Truman Show:

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I Think I'm Starting to Understand Why People Love Cats Now

They're cute. JK

I feel like I've posted this particular sticker before. So if I have, apologies. But it's a nice note to end on, isn't it?

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